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December 10, 2011 by

You can now review Detox Your World products! Every product on the website has a new customer comments feature, enabling you to both read other people’s thoughts on the product and submit your own review.

Review our products!

We always love to receive your comments about our products and often feature customer testimonials in various places on the website as well as our Passion e-newsletter. So we hope you will love this new feature as much as we do.

The review section can be found at the very bottom of each product page — just scroll down until you see the stars!


I should coco

July 12, 2011 by

Dr Martins' Coco DrinkHiding inside every young green coconut is a fantastic resource — coconut water. It is rich in health-giving nutrients and is known as the ‘Fluid of Life’ thanks to its perfect mixture of electrolytes that balance the body’s natural fluid levels.

It can be extremely difficult to find an organic green coconut in the UK and so instead, we have Dr Martin’s Coco Drink. Dr Martin’s Coco Drink contains nothing but pure organic juice from young green coconuts (cocos nucifera) and is the next best thing to drinking fresh juice straight from the coconut.

As well as being incredibly refreshing, Coco Drink is an effective way to replenish fluids and salts lost during sporting activities and is much more effective than any heavily-marketed energy drink. Coconut water is an isotonic beverage and naturally contains potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium, which quickly help to rehydrate your body. This is especially beneficial during and after any physical activity — including performing on stage! One of the UK’s best-loved male bands regularly buys Coco Drink from Detox Your World for use on tour and to maintain their energy levels when performing. We wish we could name names but instead we’ll just take a moment to imagine them all drinking Coco Drink. With no shirts on.

Coco Drink is rich in essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins, especially vitamin C. It is free from cholesterol, lactose, milk-protein, preservatives and colourings. Coco Drink is beneficial for people suffering with lactose intolerance, especially children, as it is a versatile alternative to milk and contains calcium to help strengthen growing bones.

Dr Martins’ Coco Drink is suitable for people of any age group thanks to its organic composition and natural preservation process, ensuring it is free from bacteria. As Coco Drink contains nothing but 100% pure coconut juice, it is free from saturated fats and has a very low calorific value, the lowest of all natural juice drinks. It is also free from refined sugars and is low in carbohydrates. Coconut water contains large quantities of lauric acid, an important fat. The only other substance containing equal levels of lauric acid is breast milk.

The coconut juice found in Dr Martins’ Coco Drink comes from an organically certified plantation in Brazil that grows a specific species of dwarf coconut palm tree especially for Dr Martins’. The coconut trees are grown without synthetic fertilisers or chemical nasties.

The coconut palm, or cocos nucifera, can grow to heights of 100ft and is a common sight on tropical beaches. The plant was named by Spanish explorers, who thought the three indentations on the coconut resembled a monkey — the Spanish word coco means ‘monkey face’. Nucifera means nut-bearing. It is an incredibly versatile plant with the all parts of the coconut as well as the leaves being used in some way. In Sanskrit, the coconut palm is known as kalpa vriksha, which means ‘tree that gives all which is necessary for living’. It is estimated that approximately one third of the world’s population depends on the coconut palm for their food or income.

Coconut juice has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and is reported to have many health benefits. Coconuts also contain anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties however the main benefit of coconut water is its natural isotonic properties, quickly and effectively rehydrating the body and rebalancing electrolyte levels. It is naturally sterile and identical to human blood plasma and it is reported that in some parts of the Pacific during World War Two, coconut water was regularly used to give emergency transfusions to wounded soldiers. This is where it gained its named as the Fluid of Life.

As well as our world-famous customers, other celebrities have also discovered coconut water, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Courtney Cox and Demi Moore who are reported to enjoy it as a post-workout drink.

No Bull
To make your own energy drink without gallons of caffeine, sugar and junk, simply mix equal quantities of Dr Martins’ Coco Drink with fresh celery juice. Enjoy before, during and after any physical activity to naturally restore fluids and rebalance your electrolyte levels.

The Jason
For another variation, try mixing Coco Drink with freshly squeezed orange juice. Enjoy with or without your shirt on.

Happy Birthday to us!

June 9, 2011 by

Wow can you believe it, we are eleven years old tommorow!  What a fantastic tenth year we have had, and to top it all off, we have a fantastic new site, full of  all the lovely things which you all adore.  We will be adding lots more amazing products very soon!

This years top eleven sellers have been:

Maca, certified organic, powdered, raw

Raw organic Maca — always hits the top spot with you and a best seller since, well forever!

Cacao powder, certified organic, raw

Raw organic Cacao powder –Heaven in an orange bag!


 Raw chocolate, organic, vegan, foil wrapped

Shazzie naked chocolate bars — Our sumptuous ladies,  Temptress, Goddess, SirenEmpress, Intacta and Desire, are the most irresistable of them all.

Shelled hemp seeds, certified organic

Raw organic shelled hemp seeds — Popeye should give this a go if he runs out of spinach!

Mulberries, dried, organic, raw, vegan

Raw organic Mulberries — as you dance round the mulberry bush, pop these little taste explosions in your mouth.

Raw tahini, organic

Raw organic Tahini — spread on your favourite raw crackers, or just dip your finger in!

Cashew nuts, raw, organic

Raw organic Cashew nuts— Oh my word, we have to hide these they are so tasty!


Cacao butter (raw white chocolate butter), organically certified, raw, vegan
Raw organic  Cacao butter — the basis of a raw chocolate bar, add anything to this for a cacao dream.

Lucuma powder, organically certified, raw, vegan

Raw organic Lucuma — It’s like adding sparkling love to any raw dessert, we can’t get enough!

Raw organic coconut oil, Viridian

Viridian raw organic coconut oil — rub it in your skin, eat it, combine the two!


Check out our Facebook page  for a special birthday offer tomorrow! 🙂





Dip them, spread them, love them

April 25, 2011 by

Our range of premium seed and nut butters is amongst our best-selling products. The range includes tahini, hempini, white almond butter, whole almond butter and a delicious cacao and almond spread. These versatile additions to your fridge are perfect for dipping, spreading or adding to smoothies, soups and more.

As you would expect from a range of Detox Your World products, all the butters are 100% raw and 100% organic. In keeping with our mission to stock the most ethical and planet-friendly products we can, these butters are all made in the UK. They come in glass jars too, so once you’ve eaten all the butter (and licked the lid to make sure you’ve found every last bit), the jar can be reused or recycled as you wish.

Detox Your World seed and nut butters are packed with healthy fats, such as Omega 3 and 6. These essential fatty acids are vitally important within our diets as they help the body process certain fat-soluble vitamins and are key players in cell membrane maintenance. There are many dietary sources of essential fatty acids; Omega 6 can be found in some fruit, nuts and grains and Omega 3 is abundant in green leafy vegetables, spirulina, flax and pumpkin seeds. Adding a dollop of raw organic nut and seed butter to your morning smoothie or enjoying some as a dip is an easy way to ensure you get enough good fat.

Raw organic white almond butterWhite almond butter
Our white almond butter is made with 98% fresh raw organic almonds, which are skinned using a non-heat method before being blended with raw organic sunflower oil. The result is a deliciously smooth white butter. Try spreading some on raw cucumber, celery or carrot sticks for a healthy tasty snack! £12.55 for 450g.


Raw organic whole almond butterWhole almond butter
Our whole almond butter is a darker crunchy affair, made with nothing but raw organic fresh whole almonds. Whole almond butter is perfect for mixing into your favourite smoothie for a nutty twist or spreading on raw crackers for an easy packed lunch. £12.55 for 450g .


Raw organic tahiniTahini

Our very own tahini is a smooth and creamy blend of 77% raw organic sesame seeds and 23% raw organic sesame oil. As with all Detox Your World nut and seed butters, tahini can be used as a spread on crackers or as a tasty dip to have with raw vegetables. Or you could make your own hummus –  tahini is a staple ingredient! £10.45 for 450g.


Raw organic hempiniHempini
Detox Your World hempini, or hemp seed butter, is made from 83% fresh raw organic hemp seeds and 17% raw organic hemp seed oil. The hemp seeds are hulled using a non-heat method and are then blended to create this smooth spread bursting with essentials fats. Hempini is so tasty when added into a dressing for your favourite summer salad or spread on romaine leaves as part of a raw sandwich. £13.65 for 450g.


Shazzie's Naked Chocolate raw organic cacao and almond spreadShazzie’s Naked Chocolate® Cacao and almond spread
Made with entirely raw and organic ingredients, our cacao and almond spread is as decadent as it gets. Premium Spanish almonds and Bolivian Brazil nuts are mixed with our finest raw cacao powder, cold-pressed hempseed oil and sweetened with Mexican agave syrup to create this thick indulgent spread. High in essential fatty acids and low in saturated fats, sodium and refined sugars, Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate® spread also has a low GI and and is free from added emulsifiers and palm fat. It is delicious spread on just about anything – try it on crackers, fruit or someone else! £12.55 for 450g.

Cheap superfoods

February 19, 2011 by

Do you love superfoods?

Check this out…

You can get them cheaper here!

Shazzie is thrilled to pass along this special deal to you: Get 20% off all our superfoods — for superfood lovers only. Food with integrity, and at a great value. Don’t forget to tell your friends, too!

See this link for more details.

European legislation on herbal products

October 11, 2010 by

Many of you have been wondering about The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD). If you haven’t heard of this, the term refers to a legalization regarding the use and sales of certain herbal-medicinal products in the European Union (EU). Though this legislation began back in 2005, the finalisation of these laws on required standards of production (and certification) is set to occur on 30th April 2011. There seems to be much more conversation about this law now, because this finalisation date is coming closer…just a few months away. There is some concern surrounding this issue because it may affect those of us who use certain herbals as an addition to our regular food and health regime.

Certain herbals will be exempt from this new law, but many that require the certification may not continue to be manufactured as the price will be too high to follow this new standard (and some may not even meet the new standard to be considered “legal”). On a more positive note, herbal products without licences must currently be sold as ‘food products’, and because of this they are not subject to the same quality control or restrictions as ‘medicinal products’.

We at Detox Your World (of course) cannot diagnose, treat, or offer medical advice, as we are not medical doctors. We can however, offer up suggestions in the case that there are certain herbals that you would like to continue having access to — there are a few options.

  1. 1. Growing your own is always a wonderful option (regardless of any current legal restrictions).
  2. 2. Trading goods with herbalists that buy from outside of the EU is also a possibility.
  3. 3. Buying herbs that are not classified as “medicines” (ones that are sold as foods, IE garlic, ginger etc.) is a definite consideration.
  4. 4. Most importantly — please get involved and contact your local representative(s) on this issue. If enough of us speak up about it to the right people, it may be just what we need to turn this legal issue around. In the link here, you can find a good web-article regarding this issue along with detailed representative contact information for your location.

Any of these options may allow us more freedom with our own personal herbal choices. Please feel free to contact us with any other ideas you have regarding this; we would love it if you would post these ideas on our Detox Your World Facebook page for others to see!

Here are some other resources that you might find helpful in researching this topic further: 


    Be there or be square! Rawfooder heaven!

    July 29, 2010 by

    East Side Raw in the City – Raw/Vitality Party: This Saturday.

    Jul 31 Sat 7:00 PM
    Unit 5, 3 Birchfield Street,
    Westferry (2 mins from Canary Wharf)

    Who’s coming?
    13 Vitality Agents

    Who’s hosting?
    Kyle Vialli

    Price GBP12.00 per person

    East Side Raw is London’s first club night for people who want to dance all night and feel amazing the morning after! We have beautiful living food canapes, a juice, smoothie and powershot bar, cutting edge information all to a backdrop of uplifting house. 

    Join us on the 31st of July for our second get together – a night of cool food warm people and hot music.

    For Tickets:

    Fun, Games & Format for the Night

    Juice party,
    Rawtini bar (Courtesy of Juice Camp)
    Raw Living Food – Sexy vitality Menu
    Raw canapés (Included with your ticket)
    Lots of Networking & Connecting (included)
    Chill Out Lounge
    60min Workshop with Top Vitality Expert Kyle Vialli
    Music & dance (Party Vibes) Simone Fougure on the One’s & Two’s

    Raffle Competition
    2 Tickets to ESR next Party
    2 Tickets to David Wolfe Live 1 day workshop

    We have 2 Very, Very Special Guests to educate us and to keep us moving throughout out the night. Come with your smart caps and dancing shoes

    7pm – 8pm Mingling & Networking

    8pm – 9pm Information, Education & Q & A

    Kyle Vialli who is arguably Europe’s Leading vitally Expert and Living/Food Pioneer, will dispel once and for all, the confusion and dismay that comes with the question “So what the Hell am I supposed to eat?”

    Drawing from over 7 years of highly focused results-based research in the field of human nutrition, Kyle will reconcile the different arenas and systems that comprise the “nutritional maze” so as to guide us in making confident and empowered food choices for the rest of our enlivened lives.

    Kyle will touch on the following

    “Fruit!” “No Fruit!”

    “Carb Loading!” “No Carbs!”…

    “Sprouted Foods is ok, right?”…….

    “Now I think someone once told me that this food on an empty stomach after noon is alright, or was that only if it I was blood type O!”…..

    “Saturated fats or no fats at all, juiced or blended, hot or cold. To eat, or not to eat!”
    Whether you have never studied nutrition, or whether you have been exploring the subject for decades, you will surely benefit from Kyle’s pioneering insights
    “The purpose of nutrition is to fuel our lives, and the quality of our nutritional intake is highly implicated in the quality of our lives; it profoundly activates our ability to live our awaken”.

    More info on Kyle…

    9pm – 10pm More Socialising and Mingling

    10pm till late Music, Dance & Fun

    Simone Fougère an Internationally acclaimed DJ formerly of Kitchen Party fame is now taking up residency at our East Side Raw Parties and events. Simone has spun records for the past 11 years, based out of London and travelling to Ibiza, Europe, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Japan and the United States with her signature sound of cheeky, hip swaying, grooving baseline, percussion tinged house and techno that really connects to you on the dance floor and makes you smile. Her philosophy is simple; share the energy and love through music and connecting with others. For 6 years Simone was also one half of Sweet * Vicious (AKA Sweet Mayhem) with Brian Monaco, a duo that mixed live rock music and house music side by side in their unique sets. They also started the internet house party ‘Kitchen Party‘, which was huge on the underground techno / house scene in London. The concept was about having quality, groundbreaking DJs such as Reboot, 2000 and One, Giles Smith, Christian Martin, Glimpse, Alison Marks, King Roc, Will Smith, Berkson and What to name but a few….. around to their house (or kitchen) party for a DJ set, which they then filmed and shared the video on their website so the world could experience the music and party too. Prior to Kitchen Party, she held residencies at Match Bar and The End in London , UK and played all over the city in clubs such as Egg, AKA, Cargo, Fabric (NZ Night), Fluid, Retox @ Sosho, Inigo, Plastic People, Bridge and Tunnel.
    Simone is currently working on a remix with Alison Marks from Dessous and has launched a new internet music project called the Universal Love Project
    Her latest mix entitled ‘Love Inspired’ can be downloaded and streamed here

    More info on Simone…
    This is a brilliant new style of event for the growing number of Raw/Living fooders, Healthy, Eco Conscious Londoners.

    Tickets are £12 in advance, or £15 on the door.


    Nearest stations – Canary Wharf / West India Key.


    1 Day cookery school, with Cashew catering!

    July 9, 2010 by

    cookery classes…

    Whether you would like to learn the basics of vegetarian whole foods cookery, uncover the skills of vegan cake making, absorb raw food feasting or take a ‘master class’ in the art of the raw/vegan chocolatier, then Cashew Catering can help.

    Cookery classes run in various formats in various locations – so watch this space for details .

    Cookery School

    …presents a day of…

    Decadence & Nutrition

    @ Tilton House, Firle, East Sussex BN8 6LL

    Saturday 14th August 2010 10.00am – 6.00pm

    Welcome to the first of many cookery classes hosted at the beautiful Tilton House, nestled in the heart of the Sussex Downs. The day offers the opportunity to learn over a dozen different vegan dishes, eat a decadent & nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, take home some of the dishes you prepare, visit the kitchen gardens as they spring into life for the summer ahead and also just relax and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of this gorgeous Georgian Country House.

    On the day you will learn a wide range of fantastic plant based dishes, various different kitchen techniques & knife skills, get stuck in with hands on making, share in ideas on menu planning and building different dishes using some of the same ingredients and cooking methods. Not to mention enjoy some wonderful botanical based foods, that are not only bursting with flavour but also loaded with health benefits.

    On the day…

    First start the day by learning how to make raw nut milk and then enjoy some homemade granola. Then learn how to make the granola and also make your own granola bars to take home.

    Raw Pear “Cheesecake”We will then show you how to make a decadent raw and dairy free pear ‘cheesecake’, which we will share for dinner.

    Next some Tomato, red lentil and basil soup with lemon cream. Served with an olive and rosemary flatbread that you will make yourself, choosing from a wide variety of flours – to demonstrate how different flours give differing results.

    Lunch will be served as soon as we have made some velvety smooth cashew based ice cream to have for dessert.

    After lunch you will have a chance to visit the kitchen gardens, that will be brimming with food – some of which we will utilise.

    Next we will prepare a red lentil and mushroom lasagne using the base mixture from the soup we already made for lunch, demonstrating how to make very different dishes from exactly the same base ingredients. We will also make a cashew ‘cheese’ sauce – that is an excellent substitute for the typical dairy version.

    Everyone will then prepare a stunning canapé I like to call The med-Jewel, using dates, avocado and some other nice things.

    Some quick easy salads to serve with dinner and then onto the really fun part – truffles. After a demonstration of truffle making, you will get the opportunity to make your very own vegan chocolate truffles experimenting with different flavours and ingredients as you like – these will then be saved for you take home, assuming they make it that far!!!!!

    After all that, dinner will be served with nothing left to do except enjoy the food you helped create and share in the days creativity.

    You will also go home with full recipes for everything made, the treats you made yourself and perhaps other goodies?

    The day is priced at £100 but as an introductory offer, if booked before August 1st we would like to offer it for only £90. Places are limited but don’t worry if you miss out this time there will be more opportunities to follow, for future dates please contact us.

    For more information about people behind the day please contact John Bayley at or call 07786 226220.

    Discover yumminess….Cashew catering offers just that!

    July 9, 2010 by

    Cashew : Vegan catering, vegetarian catering and raw food plus raw food classes, vegan and vegetarian cookery courses to London, Sussex, Brighton, Kent and the South East of England.

    Cashew Catering offers an experienced and professional approach to quality sustainable plant based healthy foods. Passion for nutrition, creative expression and love for life all combine to result in vibrant and refreshing vegan, vegetarian and raw food eating at its best.

    Vegan Catering

    Specializing in all forms of vegan catering, we can offer some of the most diverse and creative botanical menus and pure vegan recipes available.

    Vegetarian Catering

    We also offer a comprehensive vegetarian catering service utilizing some of the finest ingredients available including locally sourced and organic cheeses and local bio-dynamic free range eggs.

    Raw Food

    If you prefer to follow a raw food diet then our experienced chefs can create some inspiring raw foods including sensational raw chocolate delights to make your mouth water.

    Vegetarian Cookery Courses

    If you would like to take it a step further and learn some of our creative vegetarian culinary skills then join us on our vegetarian cookery classes, vegan cookery classes and raw food courses. To find out more follow the link above……

    About Cashew Catering

    Operating in Lewes, near Brighton the heart of East Sussex and serving the surrounding areas, food can easily be delivered within the Sussex area, Kent, the South East of England and further a field upon request.

    Every effort is made to source local, seasonal and organic produce that in itself represents the finest flavours, textures, colours and health. We then process these ingredients to a minimum, to retain integrity and nutritional value, the result – inspirational whole foods.

    With over 8 years professional experience within the vegetarian, vegan and raw foods catering industry, cashew can offer a diverse variety of menus and food as well as industry related services.

    Vitality Networking, Powerfood & Special Guest Speaker Tony Wright

    June 18, 2010 by

    Join Kyle Hayden Vialli on the 3rd of July at the beautiful and highly unique Transformational centre The Orassy Kendron for our first ever Vitality Networking Evening, with revolutionary guest speaker Tony Wright- author of the highly acclaimed book Left in the Dark.

    ——-Tickets cost £29 per person & can be booked here——–
    ———— ————–
    —–For any other questions please call Kyle on 07883270560—–

    (Please book asap, as places are limited, and will sell quickly).

    Who will be there?

    Come and meet and mingle with fellow vitality agents, wellness professionals and conscious musketeers from around the capital. Whether your predominant interest is business masterminding or social heart-storming you will find plenty of time to network tonight, and your first drink is included in entry.

    What is there to eat?

    Included in your entry price will be a selection of tantalising buffet canapes crafted by Inga Konradsdottir. It doesn’t matter if you can’t translate the name, she is one of Icelands top Chefs, and a raw chef specialist who has recently become head chef at the vibrant raw foodery, Aloka, in Brighton.
    After your free juice or smoothie, we will have a a high quality vitality bar available that includes some of the most enlivening unpasteurised and living alcoholic beverages in the UK.

    So Who’s Speaking?

    I am really excited to have Tony Wright as guest speaker at our first event. Tony is author of the pioneering Left in the Dark (check it out on Amazon), a highly rewarding read that shows how the shift and decline of our diets has produced profound effects upon are conscious and existential states, impoverishing both the quality of our wellness and behaviour. His highly acclaimed anthropological and neurophysiological findings excel in showing how our shifting nutritional intake has diminished the activity of the right, creative and intuitive brain, whilst concomitantly exacerbating the neural operations of the left, logical and linear hemisphere.

    Tony’s work helps us to consider, in a direct way, how many thousands of years ago we fell from grace, from paradise, and how we may return there once again, on a planet whose central axioms and logarithms generate vitality for every man. woman. and child.

    His website is :
    where you will find a lot more information.