Sowing the seeds


If this video about Monsanto & biotechnology doesn’t make you think about genetic engineering, nothing will. Genetic uniformity over time had made plants susceptible to disease and insects however farmers found that the more pesticides & herbicides they applied, the more they needed to use. This increased health risks, costs and labour.

Then Monsanto developed a new herbicide, Round Up, which quickly became the most commonly used herbicide in the world. Monsanto then developed a Round Up-ready seed. Round Up was designed to kill any green plant however with the use of Round Up-ready seeds, the chemical could be sprayed over the entire field without harming the crop. Using the same genetic engineering, Monsanto also developed new medical treatments for infertility, cancer, diabetes, HIV and other conditions.

As this biotechnology was so new and unpredictable, it was agreed that all genetically-modified pharmaceutical organisms would be kept in controlled conditions in laboratories. However genetically-modified crops, which are also new and unpredictable, are planted freely and allowed to reproduce out of these controlled conditions!

The latest genetic engineering uses bacterial cells & viruses to invade plant cells and it is reported that cells are beginning to interact with each other in new & extremely unexpected ways. This might just be one experiment too far…


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