Putting your money where your mouth is


In 2001 Jock Doubleday, author of “Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital” and vaccine factualist, offered $20,000 to any US licensed medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO who would publicly drink a mixture of standard vaccine additive ingredients. Despite raising his offer to $120,000 since then, he has had no takers. As of 1st January 2009, Jock has raised the offer to $175,000. Takers anyone?


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One Response to “Putting your money where your mouth is”

  1. Kevin Folta Says:

    I have gladly offered to take his challenge. I have found many others that have agreed as well.

    The problem is that he puts up so many details, barriers, pre-qualifications, etc that NOBODY can qualify for his test!

    I hope that those that believe that vaccines are dangerous hold his feet to the fire and kindly request that he let us take the test. I could use the money! More importantly, it is dishonest to say that nobody is willing to take the challenge. It does not add credibility to your cause.

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