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Back in stock

February 27, 2009

We now have both blue manna and crystal manna back in stock!


Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Angela Elliott competition

February 27, 2009
Angela Elliott

Angela Elliott

Angela Elliott is a best-selling author, herbalist, nutritionist and raw chef for The Raw Divas. As part of Shazzie’s birthday giveaways, Angela offered three winners her ebook package, featuring Holiday Fare with Angela and the new The Simple Gourmet. The winners are:

“Angela’s giving me an appetite because.. THIS MASTER DIVA MAKES THE  MOST DECADENT, DELICIOUS RAWSOME DESSERTS!” – Magdalena Rodriguez

“Angela’s giving me an appetite because…I haven’t had cheesecake, or anything like it, since going raw/vegan and just seeing that picture of her with that “cheesecake” makes my heart leap a little bit. – YUM!” – Jendria Heaton

“Angela’s giving me an appetite because I’m famous for making my Grandma Helen’s cheesecake (and eating it) and I need and alternative!” – Caroline Moon

Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Get Fresh competition

February 27, 2009
Get Fresh magazine

Get Fresh magazine

The Get Fresh team offered five lucky winners a full year’s subscription of the world’s most fascinating raw lifestyle magazine. The winners are:

“The freshest of them all is me with my apple mask on my face. Of course I was just kidding, Mr. Robbins has been the one who has changed my life forever, so he’s the one.” – Leyla Falcone

“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the freshest of them all?
Why surprise, surprise ‘tis me, ‘tis me
The inside beauty now shining out for all to see
Dead or rotting food’s now gone
Replaced with live love of the all one.” – Michele Sabina

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the freshest of them all??? Me, ANGIE CRABTREE!! Get Fresh magazine inspires me so much, both physically, and mentally. Cary and Sarah inspire me to want to be the healthiest I can be, and they also inspire my artwork. I am a painter and my work is based around well-being, veganism, and survival of the fittest (raw foodists win!!). I have also been a brittle diabetic for 9 years, and am on the way to transforming my life with raw foods. I must to keep it up!! I REALLY want this!” – Angie Crabtree

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the Freshest of them all? Why Snow White with her gorgeous, juicy, organic apples!” – Caroline Turner

“Superhero foodists are definitely the freshest of them all!!!” – Melina Murphy

Vote vote vote

February 26, 2009

Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate has been nominated in the Best Vegan Chocolate category in the Bristol Vegan Fayre 2009 awards. You can vote once per month until May so please show your love for Temptress, Goddess, Desire, Siren, Intacta and Empress and vote now!

Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Alissa Cohen competition

February 26, 2009
Alissa Cohen

Alissa Cohen

Author and leading raw food authority Alissa Cohen offered a signed copy of her book Living on Live Food to one lucky winner, who is Shayla Roberts.

“Alissa’s book would look best in my house because…Gosh, I’d be able to salivate over that HUGE tomato all the live long day!” – Shayla

Dale & Kirsty on the radio

February 25, 2009

Dale Pinnock and Kirsty Hawkshaw were interviewed on BBC Radio Luton to discuss raw foods:

Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Karen Arnott competition

February 25, 2009
Karen Arnott

Karen Arnott

Designer and author Karen Arnott offered five copies of her book Clear Skin, filled with genuine information on how to treat acne naturally. The winners are:

“Clear Skin will make me an ecstatic being because I hope & dream it will be the miracle that will put a end to 20 years of treatments and this endless search for relief.” Jenna Belle

“Clear Skin will make me an ecstatic being because.what is inside is expressed outside. Clear skin is letting everyone know how pure and true your inner beauty is. “ -Edie Weintraub

“Clear skin will make me an ecstatic being because it will put a smile back on my 11 year old daughters face to have beautiful, healthy radiant skin. It is the answer I have been searching for.” – Amanda

“Clear Skin will make me an estatic being because I wont have to squeeze wiggly worms out of my pretty pores anymore!” – Ali

“Clear Skin will make me an ecstatic being because…um, well, let’s just say it needs HELP!” – Joy

Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Shannon Leone competition

February 24, 2009

40_shannon_leoneThe gorgeous raw mama Shannon Leone kindly offered three lucky winners her DVD and e-manual of her amazing Raising Children Raises Us documentary. The winners are:

“Shannon’s gift is mine all mine because I have a beautiful child raising me and I would love to be able to do the same back to him in the most divine order.” – Rose de Oliveira

“Shannon’s gift is mine all mine because there is an ecstatic being hovering over me and my gorgeous yogi husband and we are working (mostly playing) to pluck her out of the atmosphere and put her in my belly.  She is a bold, courageous, hardcore compassionate beauty who rightfully demands the best for herself and all of the people, animals, trees, telephones, xylophones and extraterrestrials around her.  I want to be the best mom I can be for this awesome one.”- Brenna Tripodi

“Shannon’s gift is mine all mine because it sounds fabulous!! I would love to host a showing at the house~ not only would i love to see this documentary and am fascinated and enamoured by crystal children and being a conscious parent, I also have friends who are wonderful parents and would also be enriched by seeing such a lovingly created film!” – Beth Carbone

Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Sarma Melngailis competition

February 23, 2009
Sarma Melngailis

Sarma Melngailis

Sarma Melngailis is proprietor and co-founder of NYC raw restaurant Pure Food & Wine, and founder and CEO of One Lucky Duck. Sarma offered a fantastic package (containing her book Raw Food Real World, a gift certificate worth up to $200 USB and a One Lucky Duck tote bag) to one lucky winner – Sheri Ponzi!

“I want Sarma’s Superstar Gift because I want to celebrate the two most beautiful years of my life with my partner Michael.  And Pure Food and Wine is THE ONLY place that would do justice to the celebration!  I met the love of my life on February 17th 2007.  It was love at first sight.  The coming together of soul mates.  Beyond description.  The angels were singing and the light of heaven shined upon us 🙂 Within weeks we had committed to going 100% raw together.  The results were beyond anything we had dreamed of.
We’ve shared such beauty, love, raw foods, amazing synchronicities, joy beyond belief and the best day ever, every day!  Our mission is to grow together into superstars and superheroes.  Michael even gets called “Clark” at work because they think he’s Superman (and he looks like Clark Kent).  He is indeed a superhero in disguise! We’ve spent many afternoons preparing foods from Sarma’s Raw Food Real World book and we LOVE them all.  Now it is time for us to experience the love that will exude form us as we dine at Pure Food and Wine.” – Sheri

Winner for Dawn Waterhouse’s workshop

February 23, 2009

We recently ran an exclusive blog competition to win a place on one of homeopath Dawn Waterhouse’s upcoming workshops. The winner was Emma Kirk, who has won a place on ‘The Vaccination Decision – it’s not easy is it?’ workshop, taking place on 15th March.

More information on Dawn’s workshops can be found here: