Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Alice Mason giveaway






Alice Mason

Alice Mason

Fine artist and painter Alice Mason offered a hand-signed limited edition print of any of her mermaid pictures to four lucky winners. The winners are:


“I deserve to own some of Alice’s art because I love all water spirits, from La Llorona to Lasyrenn.  Looking at Alice’s pictures make my heart smile!” – Jenni Morrison-Smith


“I deserve to own some of Alice’s art because I am a mermaid in disguise and I miss my sisters.” – Patricia A’amina.


“I deserve to own some of Alice’s art because she is beauty divine manifested within her art; her pictures inspire the feelings and emotions that will undoubtedly create a tangible utopia in my home, in our community, and in the far reaches of our consciousness. I love Alice Mason a million times over!” – Sarah Hernandez


“My 18year old daughter deserves to own some of Alice’s art, like Mermaid Lucia, Mermaid mother and merboy, or Mermaid Lucy, because my Teen daughter is now 6 months pregnant, and I’ve just gotten her onto 60% Raw, after I discovered Raw a few months ago, and this girl is SOOOOO special, after battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Severe Depression for the past six years, that I want her and her baby to start their journey into the big world WITH A BIG WARM SMILE OF SUPPORT, and have it celebrated for her, with a special acknowledgement gift of a Mummy Mermaid with baby Art Masterpiece from Dear Talented Alice!”  – K. S.







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