Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Holly Paige giveaway

Holly Paige

Holly Paige

Raw goddess Holly Paige offered a free workshop at her Cornwall home as part of Shazzie’s birthday giveaway. The workshop was won by Caroline Esterson – congratulations Caroline!

“Holly’s workshop will be of infinite value to me because….having become recent parents to two wonderful children we feel truly blessed. Summer is 8 this weekend and her half brother Phoenixx is 4. Summer’s early years were spent drinking coke and eating crisps and cake whilst Phoeni’s were spent foraging for food in bins, cat bowls and the floor. As you can appreciate, we have food issues. Food is often used as control in our house when Summer in particular feels insecure or simply wants to make a point. Phoenixx copies her.

These two children are simply wonderful and we are working towards a stronger life in which both children are full of self esteem and confidence and we know this will take time. I had a glorious view of parenting before they joined us last year in which we would grow great food, eat great food, play together nightly, be able to do crafts and still have time left over for reading or yoga. Every one giggles at me even now with my BIG plans!!! I am learning more and more to let things be which is a wonderfully freeing feeling and has done amazing things for our relationship. I run a business which is suffering from the recession so finding the time to balance all the good stuff I know will make a difference to them is tough. At the heart of their being though is food. If I can get that right, I know that stronger more self-assured emotions will follow. I would love to spend some time with Holly to help us make some dramatic moves forward in this area.” – Caroline


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