Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Renata Ash giveaway

Renata Ash

Renata Ash

Renata Ash created Rainbow Essences, which are welcomed by many the world over. Her gift as part of Shazzie’s birthday offers were three Love gift sets which include the Love Essence and beautiful rose quartz crystals together with a little message about the love in everyone’s heart. The winners of these gift sets are:

“I can’t get enough love…because i am greedy! i love love! i love being IN love, i love being NEAR love, i LOVE LOVE, i AM LOVE, i LOVE 2 LOVE, i LOVE BEING LOVED, i very simply, ( and stop me if i’ve said this before), LOVE LOVE!!” – Xenia

“I can’t get enough love…because it’s time for us all to open our hearts a little more, to embrace each other and ourselves. I recently moved to Maui which is a phenomenal place to express love – it is the heart chakra of the islands!” – Jennifer Androes

“I just can’t get enough love because my heart is taking me over!!!” – Michael Henry


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