Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – signed DYW competition

Detox Your World by Shazzie

Detox Your World by Shazzie

We also offered five signed copies of the original detox bible, Detox Your World, signed by Shazzie. The winners are:

“I know detox isn’t a myth because I see the light I’m giving off reflected in other people.” – Tobi Greenberg

“I know detox isn’t a myth because the butterfly has already begun to emerge from the chrysalis, my path in life has changed, the law of attraction is bringing me great bounty and I am full of love- all because I detoxed!!” – Claire Willows

“I know detox isn’t a myth because…… if it was I’d be a Phoenix or Pegagus, or some other mythical creature.  Seriously though, although I haven’t really raw food detoxed, I have de-wheated, de-all-grained, de-sugared, de-alcoholed, and de-caffeined gradually over the last years, and I feel like I’m the princess who’se waking up after a 100 years sleep.  Except I didn’t know I was asleep.  Food has been an absolute poison and an absolute gift to my body.  I know the power of what we eat first hand.  And if I could eat for everyone else in the world, so they would know the difference it makes first hand, I would:  except I’d turn into a balloon the size of our planet and there’d be no more space for anyone else, which is not really what I’d want…” – Su Bray

“I know detox isn’t a myth because… I have been through the hell of detox in order to reach the Heaven of cleanliness :)” – Patricia Escarza

“I know detox isn’t a myth because I have felt the very real tingling of life in every cell of my body the very first time I drank a green smoothie, brimming with joy. After that, I could not ignore the reality of intoxification as I ingested dead food, nor the difference of detoxification as I allowed my cells to release the positions they held on to in order to protect me.” – Tanya Schroeder


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