The Healthy Lunchbox


healthylunchboxIf you have ever wondered what to put in your child’s lunchbox, or worried that the containers filled with nutritious treats would come back untouched, then Shannon Leone’s new ebook is definitely for you. Shannon is a mum dedicated to giving children the best start possible in life. After months of writing and playing in the kitchen she’s finally put together her greatest compilation ever of tried and true recipes which she insists “your kids will LOVE”, The Healthy Lunchbox: Nutritious Meals Your Kids Won’t Trade for a Lollipop.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could pack a tasty, nutritious lunch in just a few minutes each day? And how good would you feel if the containers came home EMPTY every time because you knew your kids actually enjoyed their meal! You wouldn’t have to worry about another cafeteria french fry, because your kids actually prefer your nutritious meals! That is precisely what we’d like to see happen once you put The Healthy Lunchbox to good use in your kitchen.” – Shannon Leone

In The Healthy Lunchbox, you’ll learn:

 – How to make a nutritious lunch that your kids will enjoy, their friends will envy, and you’ll be proud to serve.
–  Shannon’s proven techniques for talking to kids about food and nutrition-in a way that engages them instead of ’turning them off’.
 – A cool way to demonstrate your child’s “body intelligence” that will fascinate people of all ages.
 – What neophobia is and why our kids have it.
 – Fun and stress-free ways to introduce new foods to your kids.
 – Shannon’s five tips for packing healthy lunches your kids will love to eat
 – How to get your kids involved in making their own (healthy) decisions about food.
 – Tips for working around no-nut policies in your children’s school.
 – Ways to encourage your kids to refuse unhealthy food offered by others.
 – What a “treat” really is and how to use it to your best advantage.

The Healthy Lunchbox is priced at $29.95 (£20.55) however Shannon is offering a launch price of $24.95 (£17.13) – order your copy now!


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One Response to “The Healthy Lunchbox”

  1. Shannon Says:

    aw, this is sooooo sweet!
    I didn’t know you did this until someone wrote me telling me they found it from your site! I am so inspired and even though we sold 70 copies out of the gate, I decided to lower the price because I want anyone and everyone to find it affordable. It has great pictures of the food my boys actually eat! Thank you for letting your peeps know about it xo

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