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Dirty Beach

April 30, 2009

Award winning artist Lou McCurdy is collaborating with graphic designer Chloë Hanks, founder of Plastic Bag Free Brighton, to bring an exciting and provocative show to the Brighton Fringe Festival. Taking place at Cafe Delice, Kensington Gardens on 2nd to 25th May, Dirty Beach is a new environmental art exhibition being supported by Brighton-based ethical business Mooncup.

Lou McCurdy, renowned for her groundbreaking ‘More Plastic than Plankton’ project, re-invents plastic rubbish found on Brighton beaches making big, colourful panels. Lou’s cross-sections of the sea demonstrate the permanence of plastic and how much it’s embedded.

Plankton Panel - Lou McCurdy

Chloë Hanks, also known as ‘Hanksy’, creates eco-graffiti which is transient, 100% bio-degradable and takes its cue from popular culture, from writing in the dirt of white vans to protest slogans and spray-painted graffiti. Often site, weather and tide specific, the work sometimes exists for only a matter of hours, before disappearing without a trace. The only permanent evidence of the work is photographic.

Under this clean white exterior, I'm a right dirty beach

According to recent Beachwatch results, 6.1% of beach litter is sewage related debris (SRD) and much of this is sanitary products. In 2008 alone, 22 million tampons and pads were prevented from entering the waste stream thanks to Mooncup. Mooncup will be providing publicity materials, badges, tshirts and reusable fair-trade organic cotton Dirty Beach bags. There will also be talks from Mooncup, Marine Conservation Society and Surfers against Sewage.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in Thirty Days

April 24, 2009

The producers of the documentary film Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in Thirty Days are offering a fantastic promotion – when you download the film Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in Thirty Days, you will also receive £253 ($370) worth of bonus gifts absolutely free! This includes bonus gifts from David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, Cherie Soria, Angela Stokes, Happy Oasis, Dr Gabriel Cousens and many more, including Shazzie, who is offering her ebook Ecstasists Anonymous as a bonus gift. In total, the bonus gifts comprise 8 hours of downloadable high quality audio content from several of the world’s top raw food and nutrition experts, over 100 raw food recipes and a full month’s menu planner, 11 full books in digital format with over 1,245 pages of information,  excerpts from 2 ebooks, an entire raw magazine in digital format and online coupons for spending on raw food and raw products!

You can learn about what’s going on and the experts involved here.

Goji berries out of stock

April 23, 2009

We were so excited to have organic goji berries back in stock last month as we know how much you love them. In fact you love them so much that we have completely sold out! We are currently out of stock and are hoping to get more in stock in the summer. Watch this space goji lovers!

Springtox delights

April 21, 2009

springtox_hamper1Thank you for all your entries into our Spring Passion competition to win a Springtox hamper! We had a massive amount of entries and the winner will be announced on this blog and also in the May e-newsletter.  If you would like to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, sign up here!

Superfoods and Spiritual Nutrition workshop

April 17, 2009

Nutritional therapist and master herbalist Chrissy Gray is running a Superfoods & Spiritual Nutrition workshop on 26th April in Great Abington, Cambridge. The workshop will uncover the power of superfoods, demonstrate how to make tasty recipes and show how superfoods can help clean our energy system & raise our vibrations. For more details, contact Chrissy on 01223 476730 or visit

Raw High Tea

April 16, 2009

Claire van den Heuvel recently held a raw High Tea at her home in Haarlem, Netherlands. The tea, which was called  ‘That’s the Spirit’, took place on 21st March and all the food served was based on recipes from Evie’s Kitchen:






Claire and her friend Novy:


Claire’s friend Jelske also had a crystal wish tree where her friends wrote their wishes on white paper & tied them to the branches:


Professor Regan strikes again

April 16, 2009

A new series starts tonight on BBC2, featuring Professor Lesley Regan. Prof Regan has appeared in previous BBC documentaries, including Professor Regan’s Supermarket Secrets – where she claimed she never worried about pesticides on her food.  The new series,  Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic, focuses on the slimming and diet industry “to discover the truth behind the hype.”  This BBC snippet shows Prof Regan participating in a trial at the Institute of Food Research to discover if raw carrots are better for you than cooked ones…”Professor Regan discovers raw is not always best.” (BBC 2 at 2100 BST, on 16 April.)

Something in the water

April 15, 2009

Pic courtesy of Daily Mail

Chemicals from a detergent factory in Greater Manchester are believed to have contaminated the River Irwell & River Irk, which runs through the Irkside nature reserve. A thick wall of foam has built up on the river, killing fish and wildfowl. A spokesman from the company say the contaminant could be bleach or washing up liquid although they denied the spill had come directly from their premises. The Environment Agency are on site and expect the polluted water to wash away naturally.

Viva la revolution

April 14, 2009

Chocolate fanatic Willie Harcourt-Cooze is back with his latest project; chocolate bars. Having created his 100% cacao block, Willie has now turned his attention to chocolate bars. His new three-part Channel 4 series Raising the bar: Willie’s chocolate revolution sees him trying to launch his bars to the UK and encouraging people to ditch the sugar-laden fatty fake chocolate in favour of more cacao-rich versions.  Willie is hoping for a chocolate revolution however Detox Your World was there first! We began the Raw Chocolate Revolution in 2005 with the publication of Naked Chocolate and then the launch of raw cacao products and Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate bars.

However we salute Willie for promoting cacao and it’s health benefits. He believes 100% cacao would give people a burst of energy without adding fat to their diet & so asked scientists at Brunel University to test this theory. The trial showed that the participants who drank some of Willie’s hot chocolate drink an hour before exercising found the exercise easier and also began to burn fat as their main fuel source. The trial also highlighted the high levels of flavanoids in cacao, which protect against free radicals and improve cardiovascular health, blood pressure and blood flow.

“Basically, the more processed the chocolate, the more of the health benefits are lost. In contrast, the reason why Willie’s chocolate drink may offer health and performance benefits afforded by high concentrations of cacao (and therefore flavanoids and theobromine) is because it is pure chocolate, with nothing added, and so retains the natural qualities of these beneficial compounds.” – Dr Emma Ross, Brunel University.

Choosing a chocolate which has been processed as little as possible ensures you get the maximum health benefits – Willie’s chocolate may be high in cacao and without additives but it is still roasted, therefore some of the nutrients will inevitably be lost. Raw chocolate and raw cacao products are the only way to ensure you get the most from your cacao!

Shazzie's Naked Chocolate - raw & organic

Tidy up time

April 8, 2009

Thinking of going for a stroll along the beach this bank holiday weekend? The waves lapping on the shore, the wind in your hair… and the plastic bottles, polythene bags and crisp packets under your feet. Nice!

The amount of litter on UK beaches has reached its highest ever level, according to the Marine Conservation Society. Litter has increased by 110% since 1994. The 2008 Beachwatch survey saw 5,000 volunteers removing over 385,000 pieces of rubbish from over 370 beaches. On average, they picked up two pieces of litter per metre. The most frequently found items were pieces of plastic and more than a third of all the litter was dropped by members of the public. The rest came mainly from fishing, shipping and sewage. The Marine Conservation Society are campaigning for the government to develop an action plan for reducing marine litter – click here to sign the petition and here to get involved in the 2009 Beachwatch campaign.

“This is a man-made problem. Every piece of litter has an owner and we all need to take responsibility to not drop litter in the first place.”  – Emma Snowden, Marine Conservation Society.