Viva la revolution


Chocolate fanatic Willie Harcourt-Cooze is back with his latest project; chocolate bars. Having created his 100% cacao block, Willie has now turned his attention to chocolate bars. His new three-part Channel 4 series Raising the bar: Willie’s chocolate revolution sees him trying to launch his bars to the UK and encouraging people to ditch the sugar-laden fatty fake chocolate in favour of more cacao-rich versions.  Willie is hoping for a chocolate revolution however Detox Your World was there first! We began the Raw Chocolate Revolution in 2005 with the publication of Naked Chocolate and then the launch of raw cacao products and Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate bars.

However we salute Willie for promoting cacao and it’s health benefits. He believes 100% cacao would give people a burst of energy without adding fat to their diet & so asked scientists at Brunel University to test this theory. The trial showed that the participants who drank some of Willie’s hot chocolate drink an hour before exercising found the exercise easier and also began to burn fat as their main fuel source. The trial also highlighted the high levels of flavanoids in cacao, which protect against free radicals and improve cardiovascular health, blood pressure and blood flow.

“Basically, the more processed the chocolate, the more of the health benefits are lost. In contrast, the reason why Willie’s chocolate drink may offer health and performance benefits afforded by high concentrations of cacao (and therefore flavanoids and theobromine) is because it is pure chocolate, with nothing added, and so retains the natural qualities of these beneficial compounds.” – Dr Emma Ross, Brunel University.

Choosing a chocolate which has been processed as little as possible ensures you get the maximum health benefits – Willie’s chocolate may be high in cacao and without additives but it is still roasted, therefore some of the nutrients will inevitably be lost. Raw chocolate and raw cacao products are the only way to ensure you get the most from your cacao!

Shazzie's Naked Chocolate - raw & organic


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