Professor Regan strikes again


A new series starts tonight on BBC2, featuring Professor Lesley Regan. Prof Regan has appeared in previous BBC documentaries, including Professor Regan’s Supermarket Secrets – where she claimed she never worried about pesticides on her food.  The new series,  Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic, focuses on the slimming and diet industry “to discover the truth behind the hype.”  This BBC snippet shows Prof Regan participating in a trial at the Institute of Food Research to discover if raw carrots are better for you than cooked ones…”Professor Regan discovers raw is not always best.” (BBC 2 at 2100 BST, on 16 April.)


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3 Responses to “Professor Regan strikes again”

  1. Shazzie Says:

    Fear-based telly, fear-based gyny pretending to know about food. Bring it on, show her the love of real food 😉 x

  2. Kerrymac Says:

    I saw that myself and I agree – she basically looked at how dark different kinds of masticated carrot made some oil – not exactly akin to how well a human being will receive nutrition. If you believed the result of that experiment you’d have to assume the stomach is a passive instrument when the opposite is true. Cooked food isn’t even recognised by the body as food, or it wouldn’t start with the white blood cells. I notice they didn’t mention that.

    I also notice that even then they had to admit they were only measuring betacarotene, so they could only make the (flimsy) cooked claim for that one single nutrient.

    I applaud you Shazzie for not being more annoyed by this blatant pseudo science because I have to say – considering it’s dressed up as factual…it really P***ES me off! Aaaaaanyways, I will learn to exercise more tolerance, I’m sure.

    Lots of love,

  3. Shazzie Says:

    i invite regan and collins and even what’s his name, goldacre or something to tea at my house. then they’ll feel real food. x

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