Raw High Tea


Claire van den Heuvel recently held a raw High Tea at her home in Haarlem, Netherlands. The tea, which was called  ‘That’s the Spirit’, took place on 21st March and all the food served was based on recipes from Evie’s Kitchen:






Claire and her friend Novy:


Claire’s friend Jelske also had a crystal wish tree where her friends wrote their wishes on white paper & tied them to the branches:



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5 Responses to “Raw High Tea”

  1. Gill Says:

    Oh my goodness, that table looks so so SO wonderful and lush. Everything is so alive, vital and beautiful. How can anyone say raw food is boring and bland??? – they only need to look at this. Total, total gorgeousness. xx

  2. lovemagick Says:

    o that is so beautiful xx

  3. ilovekale Says:


  4. Emma Says:

    Oh – thats so beautiful – and shows such love and respect for the food and the people who were to consume it xxx

  5. blaqberry Says:

    ohh… gorgeous, gorgeous.

    beautiful to see this today:)

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