Dirty Beach


Award winning artist Lou McCurdy is collaborating with graphic designer Chloë Hanks, founder of Plastic Bag Free Brighton, to bring an exciting and provocative show to the Brighton Fringe Festival. Taking place at Cafe Delice, Kensington Gardens on 2nd to 25th May, Dirty Beach is a new environmental art exhibition being supported by Brighton-based ethical business Mooncup.

Lou McCurdy, renowned for her groundbreaking ‘More Plastic than Plankton’ project, re-invents plastic rubbish found on Brighton beaches making big, colourful panels. Lou’s cross-sections of the sea demonstrate the permanence of plastic and how much it’s embedded.

Plankton Panel - Lou McCurdy

Chloë Hanks, also known as ‘Hanksy’, creates eco-graffiti which is transient, 100% bio-degradable and takes its cue from popular culture, from writing in the dirt of white vans to protest slogans and spray-painted graffiti. Often site, weather and tide specific, the work sometimes exists for only a matter of hours, before disappearing without a trace. The only permanent evidence of the work is photographic.

Under this clean white exterior, I'm a right dirty beach

According to recent Beachwatch results, 6.1% of beach litter is sewage related debris (SRD) and much of this is sanitary products. In 2008 alone, 22 million tampons and pads were prevented from entering the waste stream thanks to Mooncup. Mooncup will be providing publicity materials, badges, tshirts and reusable fair-trade organic cotton Dirty Beach bags. There will also be talks from Mooncup, Marine Conservation Society and Surfers against Sewage.

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