Passion is changing…


passion_spr_09Everyone loves our quarterly Passion magazines and we know you’ll love this news. Passion is going green, global and virtual! 

Our free glossy magazine was launched in 2007 and has become massively popular with our customers. Many people save the issues or pass their copies on to spread the word about the benefits of raw food and holistic living. Passion is released quarterly; the Spring, Summer and Autumn issues (known as A little bit of Passion) are 20 page mini-mags packed with new products, company news, inspiring features and interviews with leading health and wellbeing figures. The Winter issue is released in time for Christmas and is a bumper 38 page A4 issue. It’s filled with the same mix of news, articles and interviews, as well as raw recipes and 12 months of exclusive offers for our existing customers, one for every month for the coming year.

Passion has previously been mailed directly to Detox Your World customers but was restricted to UK customers only due to high postage costs. However we have received many many requests for Passion to be available to our overseas customers, especially those in the USA, Scandinavia and mainland Europe. Now, due to new software developments, everyone around the world will be able to read and enjoy Passion!

Although the magazine was printed using vegetable-based inks and chemical-free plate-making technology, we were fully aware of the environmental impact of producing a paper document. With this in mind, we will no longer be printing the magazine – Passion will become an e-magazine!

The new style Passion will be a dynamic, user-friendly virtual magazine, available to view online or download and print as a PDF. The technology used will allow readers to flip the pages over, watch video clips and click on featured products and go to them directly in the online shop at

The first digital issue of Passion will be the Summer 2009 issue, released late June.


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  1. Elisabet A Finnbogadottir Says:

    Thank you for being so wonderful !!!

    lots of love


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