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Informed choice

July 30, 2009

Making your own mind up about organic foodA report commissioned by the Food Standard Agency (FSA) has concluded that organic food is no healthier than non-organic food. The research supposedly found no evidence of any additional health benefits from eating organic. The FSA said the report would help people make an “informed choice”.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine studied evidence from the past 50 years. The study did find some differences in nutrition between organic & non-organically produced food – but “not large enough to be of any public health relevance”.

No differences were found in the levels of vitamin C, iron & calcium in organic crops, meat, dairy & eggs. Differences were found in levels of nitrogen & phosphorus in organic foods, however the study put this down to differences in fertiliser usage & the level of ripeness at harvest.

The review did not look at the effects of pesticides or the environmental impact of different farming practices.

“This study does not mean that people should not eat organic food. What it shows is that there is little, if any, nutritional difference between organic and conventionally produced food and that there is no evidence of additional health benefits from eating organic food.” – Gill Fine, FSA director of consumer choice and dietary health.

Study leader Dr Alan Dangour added that better quality studies were needed. 

The Soil Association said they were disappointed with the conclusions & called for better research. “The review rejected almost all of the existing studies of comparisons between organic and non-organic nutritional differences. Although the researchers say that the differences between organic and non-organic food are not ‘important’, due to the relatively few studies, they report in their analysis that there are higher levels of beneficial nutrients in organic compared to non-organic foods. Also, there is not sufficient research on the long-term effects of pesticides on human health.”  – Peter Melchett, policy director at the Soil Association.

Many feel this report has been prematurely published. There is already a long-term Europe-wide study currently underway researching the benefits of organic food. The ongoing Quality Low Input Food (QLIF) project is thoroughly researching organic food and the results are expected to reveal positive information about organic food. Some early results from QLIF were revealed in 2007 & showed many organic fruit & vegetables contained 40% more nutrients than conventionally-grown foods, including higher levels of iron & zinc. The full results from the QLIF project are not yet published & so the FSA’s report has been issued before evidence supporting organic can be given in defence.

Prof Carlo Leifert from Newcastle Uni, who is heading up the QLIF project said in 2007: “If you have just 20% more antioxidants in every portion of vegetables, then it’s simply a question of maths – eating four portions of organic fruit and vegetables is the equivalent to eating five portions of traditional fruit and vegetables.” In a report two years ago, Prof Leifert also said there is enough evidence for the FSA to change its advice on organic food and is unsure why they have not done so – “I wonder whether it’s more to do with politics.”

“If there are really no nutritional benefits to organic food (unlikely), and we can be told that as a fact, fine. But please, Powers-that-Be, don’t damage an already disproportionately credit crunch-affected sector with what can only be seen as a premature report based on, by the author’s own admission, unreliable data.” – Organic Farmers & Growers Association.

Detox Your World only retails products which it believes in & therefore, as the UK’s leading online retailer of raw organic superfoods, firmly believes in the benefits of organic food. Not only does it taste better but it’s also common sense that eating organic produce, rather than a conventionally-grown version which may be laden with chemicals, is better for our health. The full effect of pesticides on health has yet to be seen & so a report into organic food which does not include pesticides in its research cannot really be taken seriously. We fully support our organic body, the Organic Farmers & Growers association and we know that when the results of the QLIF project & other future studies are published, the media will be able to accurately report on proven scientific results & give organic food the acclaim it deserves.


National Parks Week

July 28, 2009

27th July to 2nd August is National Parks Week. It’s 60 years since the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 was formed, which saw the creation of National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. Amongst our National Parks are the Broads, the Peak District, the Brecon Beacons and the Lake District. During National Parks Week, there will be loads of special events to enjoy the past, present and future of all the National Parks. Visit the National Parks website and special anniversary Diamonds in the Landscape site for details.

Maya & the mulberries

July 23, 2009

“One sunny morning, there was a loud knock on the front door. It was the postman, with a giant bag of marvellous mulberries for Maya Moo! She put the packet on the floor and danced around it, singing that famous song about a mulberry bush… then opened the seal of the bag and delved in to taste the sweet, dainty, refreshing and very yummy mulberries! And her mummy then made a few chocolate bars with mulberries in. Mulberries were eaten all day long but by the evening, there were still tonnes left in the bag for tomorrow! Thanks Shazzie for stocking these – they are my absolute favourite!!!!” – Victoria Leith







In association with Detox Your World

July 22, 2009

Detox Your World are now sponsoring the Fresh & Live Mama’s Easy Make Kitchen series! Victoria Leith aka the Little Guru has just uploaded a new recipe – raw tomato saucy sauce:

OxyMoxy on BOGOF

July 15, 2009

OxyMoxy - buy one get one free!We are currently running a special offer on OxyMoxy – buy one get one free!

OxyMoxy is a unique natural oxygen-enhancing compound that allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream with each breath. OxyMoxy is extracted from Norwegian seaweeds which have to produce oxygen from CO2 in low temperature and virtual darkness. It’s great for people living with reduced oxygen in the local air (due to high altitude or pollution, during jet travel and when in a sealed building or when trapped in traffic) or because of increased demands (common when doing heavy physical labour, or for athletes in training and in competition).

We only have limited stocks so hurry hurry hurry!

Shazzie reviews Schizandra & the Gates of Mu

July 14, 2009

Schizandra & the Gates of MuSchizandra & the Gates of Mu by Laura Bruno is the first raw cacao novel! The story follows 13 year old Schizandra on her journey into the underworld after fainting at school. Except her awakening is vital for human evolution! Shazzie has reviewed this novel, which is the first in the Schizandra series.

“Laura skillfully weaves a tapestry of an orphan’s magical journey, the prophecies of 2012, a mystic grandmother descended from witches, twin maiden reflexologist great aunts and alien-like cacao guzzling frog creatures. The orphan, Schizandra, has an ability to see pain and illness in others, but she doesn’t really understand her power. However, it’s clear she is a metaphor for being the centre of the universe, a portal for transformation. And as with our personal growth, we can only truly heal when we become the centre of our own universe, creating life from our thoughts. We come to realise why so many have a foot in both worlds, afraid to truly let go: because this is the “time of no time” according to the Mayans. As she rebirths, we realise that we all have to do the same and leave the old world for once and for all.” – Shazzie

Read the full review and order your copy here.

Completely crackers

July 8, 2009

Raw onion & vegan cheese breadWith all these new products this week, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d gone a bit crackers. And we have! Just added to the site are four delicious new crackers and breads: raw onion, basil & olive bread, raw fireflax crackers, raw supergreen crackers and raw onion & vegan cheese bread. Made by Dragonfly Wholefoods, these are delicious on their own, as an accompaniment to a salad, or enjoyed with guacomole, hemp butter or other fresh relishes.

Cereal thriller

July 8, 2009

Raw granolaIt’s a week of new products! We now have raw granola in stock, made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, dates, apple and cinnamon. Granola is the cereal of the future! Enjoy with hemp seed and almond mylk or as a snack straight from the bag. (F0141, priced £5.00).

Spread the word

July 7, 2009

Shazzie's Naked Chocolate Cacao & Almond SpreadOur latest product is the fantastic Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate cacao and almond spread! Made with raw organic cacao, almonds and Brazil nuts, it tastes truly indulgent. However there’s no need to get the guilties as it’s actually low in saturated fats, sodium and refined sugar. As well as being sweetened with agave nectar and therefore having a low GI, this spread is also free from added emulsifiers and palm fat. Thanks to the cacao, it’s rich in calcium and magnesium and is also high in selenium, courtesy of the Brazil nuts. Like all our other nut butters, our cacao & almond spread is made in the UK.

Spread some cacao love today!

Raw rooms to rent in Buckfastleigh, Devon

July 3, 2009

Tish has two rooms, a double and a single, to rent out for raw B&B or room only.

The single/double room for Raw B&B is £25 per person per night. Room only is £20 per person per night.

Breakfast can be catered for individual taste. Tish can also offer delicious raw lunch and evening meal which consists of salad, dehydrated goods and dips for an extra £8 each meal. She would also consider a long-term let for the right person.

Buckfastleigh is a beautiful ancient town in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor. There is a large farm shop a short walk away and the town centre is a ten minute walk with great facilities and an open air swimming pool. Totnes is a popular place for alternative folk and is a twenty minute drive away with a local bus service that runs every hour.

Please contact Tish on 01364 642806 for details.