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Ecstatic Beings – pre-order now!

August 24, 2009

Ecstatic Beings - pre-order your copy now!On 9th September 2009 (999), Ecstatic Beings: 144,000 ways to eternal ecstatic bliss, is being published by Rawcreation Ltd. Pre-order it now to get your ecstatic copy first!

What happens when two mothers reroute their brains, do their homework and carve out a new world groove? Think of a big A4 (letter sized) hypercolour Jackie Annual coffee table book for grown ups and you may be half way to realising the full glory of the world’s first right-brained book.

Featuring…Reiki is for Rockstars, The Butterfly & The Ego, Urine for a Treat, Mahogany Monogamy Monotony Monopoly, The Shellsuit Liberation Front, Kundalini Yoga gave me Cheekbones, and so much more including poems, recipes, puzzles, quizzes, and cut-out & keeps.

Follow the adventures of Colin the pink Dolfish, Miss Magic, The Doxtor, Rootina, The Ego, Porn Pig, The Superfood Fairy, Corrylin, The Ecstasy Aunts and more as they struggle and strive to find Unity, who comes surprisingly in the shape of a small blue plastic inflatable unicorn. Life was always supposed to be this surreal, and that’s why Ecstatic Beings makes more sense than anything left in Ye Olde 3D Worlde.

Pre-order your copy today!


Shazzie’s Naked Boxes

August 19, 2009

Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate has never been so popular! The UK’s first organic raw chocolate bars now come in foil-sealed wrappers for extra freshness. To compliment the new packaging, we have now introduced new Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate shelf-ready boxes, perfect for displaying the bars to full effect in shops. If you have a healthfood store, juice bar or cafe, just imagine how amazing they would look on your shop shelves!


World Breastfeeding week

August 6, 2009

1st-7th August is World Breastfeeding week, an annual event celebrating the benefits of breastfeeding & calling for further support & awareness of breastfeeding mothers. The aim of the week in 2009 is:
– to draw attention to the vital role breastfeeding plays in emergencies worldwide
– to stress the need for active protection & support of breastfeeding before and during emergencies
– to inform mothers, breastfeeding advocates, communities, health professionals, governments, aid agencies, donors and the media on how they can actively support breastfeeding before & during an emergency
– and to mobilise action & nurture networking & collaboration between those with breastfeeding skills & those involved in emergency response.

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Ocean’s Alive

August 4, 2009

OceansAliveWe now have Ocean’s Alive marine phytoplankton in stock. This unique super-nutrient provides the body with an abundance of naturally produced vitamins, minerals and original life force. A team of  doctors, microbiologists and botanists spent many years researching 40,000 species of marine phytoplankton to determine the best species in each category to use for bio-fuel, aqua culture, exotic fish food and ultimately human consumption. Only four species of marine phytoplankton were found to be beneficial for human consumption and based on nutritional profiles, one species was super beneficial and was the single species chosen for production.

As a result of this extensive research, technologically advanced commercial facilities have now been developed and constructed to produce marine phytoplankton in large volumes using sophisticated bio-reactors. The bio-reactors consist of extensive glass tubing interconnected in a horizontal grid the size of a football field. A ‘Spring Bloom’ environment is created that allows natural photosynthesis to occur using sunlight to grow the marine phytoplankton bio-mass. The purified sea water solution in which the marine phytoplankton grows ensures that there are no other species contaminating the bio-mass. This method produces a pure super-concentrated nutrient.

Available to order now!