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Teenager dies after HPV vaccination

September 29, 2009

A teenage girl has died shortly after receiving the HPV vaccination at her school. 14 year old Natalie Morton from Coventry was given the injection yesterday and later died in hospital. Her school have issued a letter to parents stating that Natalie died from a ‘rare but extreme reaction’ after having the vaccination, although her official cause of death has not been confirmed.

Three other girls from the same school complained of possible side effects after being vaccinated with Cervarix however none were hospitalised.

Although the teenager’s death has not been officially linked to the HPV jab, NHS Coventry has quarantined the batch of Cervarix being used as a precautionary measure. The UK is the only country who has chosen to use Cervarix, rather than the US-favoured Gardasil. Cervarix is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline UK.

Dr Caron Grainger, joint director for public health for NHS Coventry and Coventry city council, said: “Our sympathies are with the girl’s family and friends at this difficult time. The incident happened shortly after the girl had received her HPV vaccine in the school. No link can be made between the death and the vaccine until all the facts are known and a postmortem takes place. We are conducting an urgent and full investigation into the events surrounding this tragedy.”

Dr Pim Kon, medical director at GlaxoSmithKline UK offered the company’s deepest sympathies to Natalie’s family and friends. She said: “We are working with the Department of Health and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to better understand this case, as at this stage the exact cause of this tragic death is unknown.”

In our 2008/2009 issue of Passion, we reported on the safety and possible side effects of the  HPV vaccination and featured advice from a variety of sources from the Dept of Health to the Vaccine Awareness Network, through to mothers and homeopaths. To make an informed decision about vaccination, please visit Vaccine Risk Awareness or The Informed Parent in addition to the NHS information sites.


Swine flu vaccination protest

September 28, 2009

A protest is being held on 3rd October in London to protest the upcoming mandatory swine flu vaccine campaign. The protest takes place on Saturday, 3rd October 2009 at 12 noon, opposite House of Lords, Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London. For more details on the protest please visit the Vaccine Awareness Network.

Evie’s Kitchen appeals to all ages

September 22, 2009

Here’s Maya, aged two, enjoying Evie’s Kitchen:

Maya reading Evie's Kitchen

Maya reading Evie's Kitchen

Maya reading Evie's Kitchen

Shazzie interview

September 10, 2009

Shazzie is going to be interviewed by US raw lovely Matt Monarch on his Raw Food World Radio Show on Friday 25th September at 11.59pm UK time (7pm EST/4pm PST). Sign up now to listen to the interview – Shazzie will be answering all kinds of probing questions! There is only space for 1000 listeners so be sure to sign up quickly: