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New! Balls and bars

November 30, 2009

We have two new snacky products on the site – Fruit and Coconut Balls and Truly Juicy Apricot and Almond Bars. The Fruit and Coconut Balls are organic and sprouted to give you natural vitality. They contain raisins, coconut, dates and sunflower seeds.


The Truly Juicy bars are delicious raw organic food bars containing dates, apricots, brazil nuts, apples and almonds. Great for lunchboxes and healthy snacking on the go. They are also vegan, gluten-free and handmade. Both are available to order now!


Weight Loss Detox Yoga Retreat

November 25, 2009

Sandra Hillawi is organising a weight loss yoga retreat in January 2010. This healing retreat is ideal for anyone wanting some help and support with improving their health. The programme will include:

» 100% Raw Foods and Juices
» Get Healthy and Drop Excess Pounds
» Daily Yoga and Meditation
» Exercise Mind Body and Spirit
» Healing Workshops
» Release Stress and Burdens
» Build Your Confidence
» Banish Cravings and Bad Habits
» Create A New Healthy You
» Beautiful Small Hotel with Pool and Private Beach
» Egyptian Adventures
» Stay 1 to 3 weeks
» Average weight loss 6 to 14 lbs

The retreat takes place at the Sinai Peninsula, by the Red Sea on 2 January 2010.

Basics of a Raw Food Diet

November 19, 2009

Anna from The Raw Life is holding an event on 25th November showing you easy ways to incorporate more delicious, energising and healing raw food into your daily diet. You may be taking the first steps to introducing more raw foods to improve your health or looking for a few more recipe ideas and a reminder of how easy it is to make raw foods!

Anna will be making the following recipes: 

Nut Milks: Almond and Chocolate variations
Green Smoothie and Super food smoothie
Green Juice without a juicer!
Pesto Mushrooms
Courgetti Marinara
Nori Rolls
Marinated Kale and how to turn this simple dish into a heavenly main meal
Raw Chocolate
Chocolate Caramel Tart 

We’ll also take a look at simple sprouting techniques, have a Q&A on raw fooding, look at improving your health, losing/gaining weight and alkalizing the body via your diet. There will be plenty of opportunity for tasting and buying some raw food goodies!

Workshop £55 per person.  Prices include all food and a recipe folder.
6.45 – 9.45pm in Beckenham.
Pre payment in advance confirms your booking.
Payment via Paypal should be sent to:

For further information & bookings please contact Anna on: or 07939 531092.


Health Etcetera’s Raw-iental Christmas

November 17, 2009

Always read the label

November 16, 2009

A new report by Which? has warned that so-called healthy snacks designed for children’s lunchboxes are laden with hidden salt and sugar. After analysing the nutritional content of a range of snacks, Which? found that the products promoted as being free from additives are actually packed with sugar. Robinson’s Fruit Shoot orange drink contains 23g of sugar per 200ml bottle, almost five teaspoonfuls. Kellogg’s Frosties Cereal and Milk bars contain seven different sugars, making a 25g bar almost a third sugar. Dairylea Lunchables Ham ‘n’ Cheese crackers contain 1.8g of salt, more than half of the recommended daily allowance for a four to six year old child. Which? is calling for tighter rules on when manufacturers can make health claims – this would prevent sugary, salty foods being promoted as being healthy options due to high fibre or calcium.

Martyn Hocking, editor of Which? magazine, said: “Parents should be able to pick out healthy products for their kids’ lunchboxes, but what you see isn’t always what you get. Some products give the impression of being healthy, but are full of salt and sugar. The best way to beat the lunchbox baddies is by checking the nutrition and ingredient information. We’d also like to see the rules on health and nutrition claims made tougher, so there’s less confusion on the supermarket shelves.”

Aςai powder and incan berries

November 13, 2009

Raw organic acai powder - now available!We now have aςai powder available! This raw organic purple powder is rich in antioxidants thanks to its deep purple skin. The powder comes from the aςai berry which in turn comes from the aςai palm tree in Brazil. Add it to smoothies, soups, raw crackers and other goodies to get your purple fix!

Raw organic Incan berries - now available!

We also have a new batch of lovely incan berries in – and these ones are organic! Incan berries are sweet with a lemon sherbet flavour to them and burst in your mouth. They come from South America and are also called Cape Gooseberries, agauaymanto berries or Goldenberries. Incan berries are a good source of vitamin P  and are rich in pectin.  They are high in phosphorous, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12. They are also extremely high in protein (16%) for a fruit. Try some today!

Jupiter Delphi water ioniser

November 12, 2009

Jupiter Delphi water ioniserThe Jupiter Delphi water ioniser is the most well designed and effective ioniser available on the market.  The Delphi sits neatly under the sink, while you have full control over your water quality via a touch of the tap mounted controls. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the future of drinking water dispensers – no home will want to be without one! Designed as an under sink unit, it has two components: a state of the art under sink ionising unit and an elegantly designed sink top tap. This leaves your counter top  clear for other useful kitchen equipment!

The Delphi uses new ‘mesh’ electrodes which effectively increases surface area and ionising power without the large voltages required to run larger plates. This technological advancement increases efficiency while protecting the electrode life. The plates are electro-plated platinum titanium, providing the highest level of conductivity and durability. The cutting edge design and proven durability of electro-plated platinum plating ensures you get the best ORP alteration and ioniser durability, year in, year out.

The Delphi is the only ioniser on the market with a digital display to show exactly what you are drinking and comes with a six year warranty.  Available to order now!


Going underground

November 6, 2009

Dina Gkitziou is running a raw vegan underground restaurant in Barnet, North London. The restaurant serves raw simple foods and all the raw burgers and sausages are made with sunflower seeds and limited amounts of nuts. Dina plans for the restaurant to become a meeting place for families to connect and eat the best food ever! The restaurant is open every day except Mondays and Fridays and bookings need to be placed four days in advance. There is room for eighteen foodies. A three course dinner using seasonal local raw vegan ingredients and superfoods costs £24 per head and includes a green juice or kombucha tea. Children eat for free!

Visit for more information!