Weight Loss Detox Yoga Retreat


Sandra Hillawi is organising a weight loss yoga retreat in January 2010. This healing retreat is ideal for anyone wanting some help and support with improving their health. The programme will include:

» 100% Raw Foods and Juices
» Get Healthy and Drop Excess Pounds
» Daily Yoga and Meditation
» Exercise Mind Body and Spirit
» Healing Workshops
» Release Stress and Burdens
» Build Your Confidence
» Banish Cravings and Bad Habits
» Create A New Healthy You
» Beautiful Small Hotel with Pool and Private Beach
» Egyptian Adventures
» Stay 1 to 3 weeks
» Average weight loss 6 to 14 lbs

The retreat takes place at the Sinai Peninsula, by the Red Sea on 2 January 2010.



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One Response to “Weight Loss Detox Yoga Retreat”

  1. James Reno Says:

    I hope your event was a success! And I hope you got some new people to embrace the raw food lifestlyle. In these economic times we need our energy and our fitness.

    To Your Health!
    James Reno

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