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European legislation on herbal products

October 11, 2010

Many of you have been wondering about The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD). If you haven’t heard of this, the term refers to a legalization regarding the use and sales of certain herbal-medicinal products in the European Union (EU). Though this legislation began back in 2005, the finalisation of these laws on required standards of production (and certification) is set to occur on 30th April 2011. There seems to be much more conversation about this law now, because this finalisation date is coming closer…just a few months away. There is some concern surrounding this issue because it may affect those of us who use certain herbals as an addition to our regular food and health regime.

Certain herbals will be exempt from this new law, but many that require the certification may not continue to be manufactured as the price will be too high to follow this new standard (and some may not even meet the new standard to be considered “legal”). On a more positive note, herbal products without licences must currently be sold as ‘food products’, and because of this they are not subject to the same quality control or restrictions as ‘medicinal products’.

We at Detox Your World (of course) cannot diagnose, treat, or offer medical advice, as we are not medical doctors. We can however, offer up suggestions in the case that there are certain herbals that you would like to continue having access to — there are a few options.

  1. 1. Growing your own is always a wonderful option (regardless of any current legal restrictions).
  2. 2. Trading goods with herbalists that buy from outside of the EU is also a possibility.
  3. 3. Buying herbs that are not classified as “medicines” (ones that are sold as foods, IE garlic, ginger etc.) is a definite consideration.
  4. 4. Most importantly — please get involved and contact your local representative(s) on this issue. If enough of us speak up about it to the right people, it may be just what we need to turn this legal issue around. In the link here, you can find a good web-article regarding this issue along with detailed representative contact information for your location.

Any of these options may allow us more freedom with our own personal herbal choices. Please feel free to contact us with any other ideas you have regarding this; we would love it if you would post these ideas on our Detox Your World Facebook page for others to see!

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