Happy Birthday to us!


Wow can you believe it, we are eleven years old tommorow!  What a fantastic tenth year we have had, and to top it all off, we have a fantastic new site, full of  all the lovely things which you all adore.  We will be adding lots more amazing products very soon!

This years top eleven sellers have been:

Maca, certified organic, powdered, raw

Raw organic Maca — always hits the top spot with you and a best seller since, well forever!

Cacao powder, certified organic, raw

Raw organic Cacao powder –Heaven in an orange bag!


 Raw chocolate, organic, vegan, foil wrapped

Shazzie naked chocolate bars — Our sumptuous ladies,  Temptress, Goddess, SirenEmpress, Intacta and Desire, are the most irresistable of them all.

Shelled hemp seeds, certified organic

Raw organic shelled hemp seeds — Popeye should give this a go if he runs out of spinach!

Mulberries, dried, organic, raw, vegan

Raw organic Mulberries — as you dance round the mulberry bush, pop these little taste explosions in your mouth.

Raw tahini, organic

Raw organic Tahini — spread on your favourite raw crackers, or just dip your finger in!

Cashew nuts, raw, organic

Raw organic Cashew nuts— Oh my word, we have to hide these they are so tasty!


Cacao butter (raw white chocolate butter), organically certified, raw, vegan
Raw organic  Cacao butter — the basis of a raw chocolate bar, add anything to this for a cacao dream.

Lucuma powder, organically certified, raw, vegan

Raw organic Lucuma — It’s like adding sparkling love to any raw dessert, we can’t get enough!

Raw organic coconut oil, Viridian

Viridian raw organic coconut oil — rub it in your skin, eat it, combine the two!


Check out our Facebook page  for a special birthday offer tomorrow! 🙂






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