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1 Day cookery school, with Cashew catering!

July 9, 2010

cookery classes…

Whether you would like to learn the basics of vegetarian whole foods cookery, uncover the skills of vegan cake making, absorb raw food feasting or take a ‘master class’ in the art of the raw/vegan chocolatier, then Cashew Catering can help.

Cookery classes run in various formats in various locations – so watch this space for details .

Cookery School

…presents a day of…

Decadence & Nutrition

@ Tilton House, Firle, East Sussex BN8 6LL

Saturday 14th August 2010 10.00am – 6.00pm

Welcome to the first of many cookery classes hosted at the beautiful Tilton House, nestled in the heart of the Sussex Downs. The day offers the opportunity to learn over a dozen different vegan dishes, eat a decadent & nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, take home some of the dishes you prepare, visit the kitchen gardens as they spring into life for the summer ahead and also just relax and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of this gorgeous Georgian Country House.

On the day you will learn a wide range of fantastic plant based dishes, various different kitchen techniques & knife skills, get stuck in with hands on making, share in ideas on menu planning and building different dishes using some of the same ingredients and cooking methods. Not to mention enjoy some wonderful botanical based foods, that are not only bursting with flavour but also loaded with health benefits.

On the day…

First start the day by learning how to make raw nut milk and then enjoy some homemade granola. Then learn how to make the granola and also make your own granola bars to take home.

Raw Pear “Cheesecake”We will then show you how to make a decadent raw and dairy free pear ‘cheesecake’, which we will share for dinner.

Next some Tomato, red lentil and basil soup with lemon cream. Served with an olive and rosemary flatbread that you will make yourself, choosing from a wide variety of flours – to demonstrate how different flours give differing results.

Lunch will be served as soon as we have made some velvety smooth cashew based ice cream to have for dessert.

After lunch you will have a chance to visit the kitchen gardens, that will be brimming with food – some of which we will utilise.

Next we will prepare a red lentil and mushroom lasagne using the base mixture from the soup we already made for lunch, demonstrating how to make very different dishes from exactly the same base ingredients. We will also make a cashew ‘cheese’ sauce – that is an excellent substitute for the typical dairy version.

Everyone will then prepare a stunning canapé I like to call The med-Jewel, using dates, avocado and some other nice things.

Some quick easy salads to serve with dinner and then onto the really fun part – truffles. After a demonstration of truffle making, you will get the opportunity to make your very own vegan chocolate truffles experimenting with different flavours and ingredients as you like – these will then be saved for you take home, assuming they make it that far!!!!!

After all that, dinner will be served with nothing left to do except enjoy the food you helped create and share in the days creativity.

You will also go home with full recipes for everything made, the treats you made yourself and perhaps other goodies?

The day is priced at £100 but as an introductory offer, if booked before August 1st we would like to offer it for only £90. Places are limited but don’t worry if you miss out this time there will be more opportunities to follow, for future dates please contact us.

For more information about people behind the day please contact John Bayley at or call 07786 226220.


NASA Earth Observatory 10th anniversary

May 28, 2009


NASA’s Earth Observatory has been running for over ten years and uses images and data collected from NASA satellites to learn more about the planet. The images are both stunning and startling, especially when compared to images from ten years before. Amazing images include Earth from Saturn, worldwide agricultural patternssnow and ice coverage and human presence. Some of the most alarming images are featured in the World of Change section, featuring Amazon deforestation, solar activity and the evaporation of the Aral Sea.  

Heaven is a place on earth

October 22, 2008

If you want to live your life to its fullest divine potential, to live abundantly & intuitively and to open up your spiritual & mystical gifts, then have a look at Heavenly Spaces. Modern mystic healer & teacher Sarupa is director of Heavenly Spaces and works to support people to maximise their life potential through her ebooks, classes, coaching & regular ezine Divine Intervention.

Is it a bird?

October 7, 2008

Professional ‘direct voice’ medium Blossom Goodchild channels messages from cosmic beings known as the Federation of Light. These beings have given Blossom the message that on October 14th, one of their alien craft will appear in our skies for a period of three days, to prove to the world the existence of other life forms in the Universe. You can watch Blossom discuss this here.