Shazzie’s VIP Room Launch and free VIP Training!




Shazzie’s VIP Room will open on Sunday 12th of September 2010, (8pm GMT, 15pm EST, 12pm PST). A very excited Shazzie told us “I’m so overjoyed to bring you this news. I believe this will change members’ lives. I’m also offering a free introductory training for all my readers beginning on the 31st August. Over six videos I will give you tips on how to live with Passion, Action and Purpose and you’ll also be hearing from two very special guests.”

If you haven’t already signed up to Shazzie’s  VIP list, you can sign up here:

Not only will you get a free video training on Passion, Action and Purpose. You will also be eligible to enjoy Shazzie’s special, once only, lifetime membership offer. Members who take this offer up will save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the site. Full details will be announced later.

Please note. This offer will NEVER be repeated. Shazzie can only do it once as she has invested so much in this project yet at the same time she wants to say thank you to you for reading her emails, blogs and ezines and supporting her work. Shazzie is not interested in passing on costs to you,  only gratitude and great content. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, educated and moved toward your dream life.

We wish Shazzie every success in her new venture and will be sure to be popping into the VIP room!

 PS: In the series of six videos, you will get a wonderful sneak peek into the VIP room! Sign up now to see it, and let her know here what you think of it. It is Shazzie’s biggest work of heart ever.



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