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Dr Martins’ Coco Milk back in stock

May 22, 2009

f0112Dr Martins’ Coco Milk is one of our best-selling products and so we’re ecstatic to have it back on the shelves. Made with organic coconut milk from green coconuts blended with spring water, Coco Milk is naturally rich in vital core elements such as vitamin complexes and valuable minerals. This milk can act as a great replacement for milk and soya products since it is free of additives or animal-derived proteins. Available to buy now!


Coco Drink is back!

March 6, 2009

f0097Another hugely popular product which we now have back in stock is Dr Martins Coco Drink. Made with just the pure juice of organic green coconuts, this fantastic drink is available to order now!

Berry good to be back

March 5, 2009
Organic goji berries

Organic goji berries

 It’s been a long time but organic goji berries are back in stock! We took the ethical decision not to sell the 2007 crop of organic goji berries after tests showed them to have been contaminated with a banned pesticide. Many other UK companies continued to sell this crop however we decided it was not in the best interests of our customers. We have really missed our little red friends and have been waiting patiently for the early 2009 crop. Wait no more as they have just arrived and are available to order now!