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The Raw Mom Summit is here

June 23, 2009

The Raw Mom Summit: the evolution of motherhood has begun! Register now and listen to free interviews by Shazzie, Byron Katie, Jean Liedloff, David Wolfe, Kate Magic and many more.

Inspirational interviews with leading health and wellbeing experts will be available for nine whole days, offering advice, wisdom and experience. Their fields of expertise range from nutrition and healing to fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, parenting and family health care. Subjects discussed also include attachment parenting, natural remedies, permaculture, spiritual nutritition and raising raw children.

Register now for free and start listening!


The Working Coach

November 24, 2008

Janaki van den Brink
will be bringing The Working Coach workshops to the UK in November and again in the new year. Janaki’s workshops are based on the work of Byron Katie and offer a profound experience of Four Questions and a Turnaround. These workshops focus on a process that allows people to quickly go to the core of a problem and then dismantle it. For dates & more info, click here.