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Dip them, spread them, love them

April 25, 2011

Our range of premium seed and nut butters is amongst our best-selling products. The range includes tahini, hempini, white almond butter, whole almond butter and a delicious cacao and almond spread. These versatile additions to your fridge are perfect for dipping, spreading or adding to smoothies, soups and more.

As you would expect from a range of Detox Your World products, all the butters are 100% raw and 100% organic. In keeping with our mission to stock the most ethical and planet-friendly products we can, these butters are all made in the UK. They come in glass jars too, so once you’ve eaten all the butter (and licked the lid to make sure you’ve found every last bit), the jar can be reused or recycled as you wish.

Detox Your World seed and nut butters are packed with healthy fats, such as Omega 3 and 6. These essential fatty acids are vitally important within our diets as they help the body process certain fat-soluble vitamins and are key players in cell membrane maintenance. There are many dietary sources of essential fatty acids; Omega 6 can be found in some fruit, nuts and grains and Omega 3 is abundant in green leafy vegetables, spirulina, flax and pumpkin seeds. Adding a dollop of raw organic nut and seed butter to your morning smoothie or enjoying some as a dip is an easy way to ensure you get enough good fat.

Raw organic white almond butterWhite almond butter
Our white almond butter is made with 98% fresh raw organic almonds, which are skinned using a non-heat method before being blended with raw organic sunflower oil. The result is a deliciously smooth white butter. Try spreading some on raw cucumber, celery or carrot sticks for a healthy tasty snack! £12.55 for 450g.


Raw organic whole almond butterWhole almond butter
Our whole almond butter is a darker crunchy affair, made with nothing but raw organic fresh whole almonds. Whole almond butter is perfect for mixing into your favourite smoothie for a nutty twist or spreading on raw crackers for an easy packed lunch. £12.55 for 450g .


Raw organic tahiniTahini

Our very own tahini is a smooth and creamy blend of 77% raw organic sesame seeds and 23% raw organic sesame oil. As with all Detox Your World nut and seed butters, tahini can be used as a spread on crackers or as a tasty dip to have with raw vegetables. Or you could make your own hummus –  tahini is a staple ingredient! £10.45 for 450g.


Raw organic hempiniHempini
Detox Your World hempini, or hemp seed butter, is made from 83% fresh raw organic hemp seeds and 17% raw organic hemp seed oil. The hemp seeds are hulled using a non-heat method and are then blended to create this smooth spread bursting with essentials fats. Hempini is so tasty when added into a dressing for your favourite summer salad or spread on romaine leaves as part of a raw sandwich. £13.65 for 450g.


Shazzie's Naked Chocolate raw organic cacao and almond spreadShazzie’s Naked Chocolate® Cacao and almond spread
Made with entirely raw and organic ingredients, our cacao and almond spread is as decadent as it gets. Premium Spanish almonds and Bolivian Brazil nuts are mixed with our finest raw cacao powder, cold-pressed hempseed oil and sweetened with Mexican agave syrup to create this thick indulgent spread. High in essential fatty acids and low in saturated fats, sodium and refined sugars, Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate® spread also has a low GI and and is free from added emulsifiers and palm fat. It is delicious spread on just about anything – try it on crackers, fruit or someone else! £12.55 for 450g.


Shazzie’s Naked Boxes

August 19, 2009

Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate has never been so popular! The UK’s first organic raw chocolate bars now come in foil-sealed wrappers for extra freshness. To compliment the new packaging, we have now introduced new Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate shelf-ready boxes, perfect for displaying the bars to full effect in shops. If you have a healthfood store, juice bar or cafe, just imagine how amazing they would look on your shop shelves!


Shazzie reviews Schizandra & the Gates of Mu

July 14, 2009

Schizandra & the Gates of MuSchizandra & the Gates of Mu by Laura Bruno is the first raw cacao novel! The story follows 13 year old Schizandra on her journey into the underworld after fainting at school. Except her awakening is vital for human evolution! Shazzie has reviewed this novel, which is the first in the Schizandra series.

“Laura skillfully weaves a tapestry of an orphan’s magical journey, the prophecies of 2012, a mystic grandmother descended from witches, twin maiden reflexologist great aunts and alien-like cacao guzzling frog creatures. The orphan, Schizandra, has an ability to see pain and illness in others, but she doesn’t really understand her power. However, it’s clear she is a metaphor for being the centre of the universe, a portal for transformation. And as with our personal growth, we can only truly heal when we become the centre of our own universe, creating life from our thoughts. We come to realise why so many have a foot in both worlds, afraid to truly let go: because this is the “time of no time” according to the Mayans. As she rebirths, we realise that we all have to do the same and leave the old world for once and for all.” – Shazzie

Read the full review and order your copy here.

Spread the word

July 7, 2009

Shazzie's Naked Chocolate Cacao & Almond SpreadOur latest product is the fantastic Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate cacao and almond spread! Made with raw organic cacao, almonds and Brazil nuts, it tastes truly indulgent. However there’s no need to get the guilties as it’s actually low in saturated fats, sodium and refined sugar. As well as being sweetened with agave nectar and therefore having a low GI, this spread is also free from added emulsifiers and palm fat. Thanks to the cacao, it’s rich in calcium and magnesium and is also high in selenium, courtesy of the Brazil nuts. Like all our other nut butters, our cacao & almond spread is made in the UK.

Spread some cacao love today!

The Fresh and Live Mamas Easy-Make Kitchen Series

June 25, 2009

 The Little Guru, also known as Victoria Leith, has launched The Fresh & Live Mamas Easy-Make Kitchen series on YouTube. The series currently has three recipes; Almond Milk, Chocolate Almond Smoothie and Cashew Nut Cream, all demonstrated by Vicky herself. Watch out for Detox Your World products in a starring role!

Viva la revolution

April 14, 2009

Chocolate fanatic Willie Harcourt-Cooze is back with his latest project; chocolate bars. Having created his 100% cacao block, Willie has now turned his attention to chocolate bars. His new three-part Channel 4 series Raising the bar: Willie’s chocolate revolution sees him trying to launch his bars to the UK and encouraging people to ditch the sugar-laden fatty fake chocolate in favour of more cacao-rich versions.  Willie is hoping for a chocolate revolution however Detox Your World was there first! We began the Raw Chocolate Revolution in 2005 with the publication of Naked Chocolate and then the launch of raw cacao products and Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate bars.

However we salute Willie for promoting cacao and it’s health benefits. He believes 100% cacao would give people a burst of energy without adding fat to their diet & so asked scientists at Brunel University to test this theory. The trial showed that the participants who drank some of Willie’s hot chocolate drink an hour before exercising found the exercise easier and also began to burn fat as their main fuel source. The trial also highlighted the high levels of flavanoids in cacao, which protect against free radicals and improve cardiovascular health, blood pressure and blood flow.

“Basically, the more processed the chocolate, the more of the health benefits are lost. In contrast, the reason why Willie’s chocolate drink may offer health and performance benefits afforded by high concentrations of cacao (and therefore flavanoids and theobromine) is because it is pure chocolate, with nothing added, and so retains the natural qualities of these beneficial compounds.” – Dr Emma Ross, Brunel University.

Choosing a chocolate which has been processed as little as possible ensures you get the maximum health benefits – Willie’s chocolate may be high in cacao and without additives but it is still roasted, therefore some of the nutrients will inevitably be lost. Raw chocolate and raw cacao products are the only way to ensure you get the most from your cacao!

Shazzie's Naked Chocolate - raw & organic

Food Glorious Food

November 12, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Leading nutritional expert Patrick Holford & nutritional therapist and cookery consultant Fiona McDonald Joyce have released their new book Food Glorious Food. The book is full of delicious low GL (glycemic load) recipes as well as advice on how to introduce superfoods into your diet and guidance on how to follow a low GL diet for optimum energy, weight control and freedom from disease.  And as our raw cacao is used in a raw chocolate and goji berry granola recipe developed by Fiona, the book also lists Detox Your World as the best place to get your raw cacao powder and other superfoods! Food Glorious Food is available now… 


Amanda Ryan loves raw chocolate

November 3, 2008

British actress Amanda Ryan is a big fan of raw food and especially loves raw chocolate bars! According to an interview in The Herald, she is keen to visit our friends Red Sugar in Edinburgh & is also leading her very own Make Raw Food Mainstream campaign.