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Dip them, spread them, love them

April 25, 2011

Our range of premium seed and nut butters is amongst our best-selling products. The range includes tahini, hempini, white almond butter, whole almond butter and a delicious cacao and almond spread. These versatile additions to your fridge are perfect for dipping, spreading or adding to smoothies, soups and more.

As you would expect from a range of Detox Your World products, all the butters are 100% raw and 100% organic. In keeping with our mission to stock the most ethical and planet-friendly products we can, these butters are all made in the UK. They come in glass jars too, so once you’ve eaten all the butter (and licked the lid to make sure you’ve found every last bit), the jar can be reused or recycled as you wish.

Detox Your World seed and nut butters are packed with healthy fats, such as Omega 3 and 6. These essential fatty acids are vitally important within our diets as they help the body process certain fat-soluble vitamins and are key players in cell membrane maintenance. There are many dietary sources of essential fatty acids; Omega 6 can be found in some fruit, nuts and grains and Omega 3 is abundant in green leafy vegetables, spirulina, flax and pumpkin seeds. Adding a dollop of raw organic nut and seed butter to your morning smoothie or enjoying some as a dip is an easy way to ensure you get enough good fat.

Raw organic white almond butterWhite almond butter
Our white almond butter is made with 98% fresh raw organic almonds, which are skinned using a non-heat method before being blended with raw organic sunflower oil. The result is a deliciously smooth white butter. Try spreading some on raw cucumber, celery or carrot sticks for a healthy tasty snack! £12.55 for 450g.


Raw organic whole almond butterWhole almond butter
Our whole almond butter is a darker crunchy affair, made with nothing but raw organic fresh whole almonds. Whole almond butter is perfect for mixing into your favourite smoothie for a nutty twist or spreading on raw crackers for an easy packed lunch. £12.55 for 450g .


Raw organic tahiniTahini

Our very own tahini is a smooth and creamy blend of 77% raw organic sesame seeds and 23% raw organic sesame oil. As with all Detox Your World nut and seed butters, tahini can be used as a spread on crackers or as a tasty dip to have with raw vegetables. Or you could make your own hummus –  tahini is a staple ingredient! £10.45 for 450g.


Raw organic hempiniHempini
Detox Your World hempini, or hemp seed butter, is made from 83% fresh raw organic hemp seeds and 17% raw organic hemp seed oil. The hemp seeds are hulled using a non-heat method and are then blended to create this smooth spread bursting with essentials fats. Hempini is so tasty when added into a dressing for your favourite summer salad or spread on romaine leaves as part of a raw sandwich. £13.65 for 450g.


Shazzie's Naked Chocolate raw organic cacao and almond spreadShazzie’s Naked Chocolate® Cacao and almond spread
Made with entirely raw and organic ingredients, our cacao and almond spread is as decadent as it gets. Premium Spanish almonds and Bolivian Brazil nuts are mixed with our finest raw cacao powder, cold-pressed hempseed oil and sweetened with Mexican agave syrup to create this thick indulgent spread. High in essential fatty acids and low in saturated fats, sodium and refined sugars, Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate® spread also has a low GI and and is free from added emulsifiers and palm fat. It is delicious spread on just about anything – try it on crackers, fruit or someone else! £12.55 for 450g.


Happy new year, happy new you!

January 5, 2010

If you open any glossy magazine this month, it’s guaranteed to be packed with detox tips and how to cleanse after the inevitable Christmas excesses. Now we think detoxing should be something we focus on all the year round however if you’re just starting out (or know someone who is) or are searching specifically for detox products, we’ve compiled a special page full of our best ever detox goodies. Happy detoxing!

Spring Passion winner

May 14, 2009

We ran a competiton in the Spring issue of A little bit of Passion to win a springtox hamper, packed with goodies including Detox Your World, Detox Delights, Himalayan pink bathing salt, maca, hemp protein powder and an enema kit. The winner was Pat Greslow from Merseyside – congratulations Pat!


May 5, 2009

Detox Your World is now tweeting:

Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – signed DYW competition

February 20, 2009
Detox Your World by Shazzie

Detox Your World by Shazzie

We also offered five signed copies of the original detox bible, Detox Your World, signed by Shazzie. The winners are:

“I know detox isn’t a myth because I see the light I’m giving off reflected in other people.” – Tobi Greenberg

“I know detox isn’t a myth because the butterfly has already begun to emerge from the chrysalis, my path in life has changed, the law of attraction is bringing me great bounty and I am full of love- all because I detoxed!!” – Claire Willows

“I know detox isn’t a myth because…… if it was I’d be a Phoenix or Pegagus, or some other mythical creature.  Seriously though, although I haven’t really raw food detoxed, I have de-wheated, de-all-grained, de-sugared, de-alcoholed, and de-caffeined gradually over the last years, and I feel like I’m the princess who’se waking up after a 100 years sleep.  Except I didn’t know I was asleep.  Food has been an absolute poison and an absolute gift to my body.  I know the power of what we eat first hand.  And if I could eat for everyone else in the world, so they would know the difference it makes first hand, I would:  except I’d turn into a balloon the size of our planet and there’d be no more space for anyone else, which is not really what I’d want…” – Su Bray

“I know detox isn’t a myth because… I have been through the hell of detox in order to reach the Heaven of cleanliness :)” – Patricia Escarza

“I know detox isn’t a myth because I have felt the very real tingling of life in every cell of my body the very first time I drank a green smoothie, brimming with joy. After that, I could not ignore the reality of intoxification as I ingested dead food, nor the difference of detoxification as I allowed my cells to release the positions they held on to in order to protect me.” – Tanya Schroeder

Vote for us!

December 22, 2008

Best of Raw 2008 celebrates the people who rock the raw vegan world. Winners will be announced on Raw Inspirations Radio on New Years Eve. Detox Your World and Shazzie are nominated in several categories so please take a few minutes out of your hectic Christmas preparation time and vote for us!

Rave reviews

November 6, 2008
Detox Your World by Shazzie

Detox Your World by Shazzie

Were you inspired to go raw after reading Detox Your World? Did you discover raw chocolate after delving through the pages of Naked Chocolate? Or maybe you tried some new raw recipes thanks to Raw Magic by Kate Magic Wood? If so, we would love for you to review these books for us on Amazon. There are currently only a few reviews for each of these best-selling books on the Amazon website and we want everyone thinking of buying them to know just how fantastic they are – and how life-altering! So if you were inspired, moved and motivated by any of these amazing books, please head over to Amazon and add your thoughts to the review section.

The future’s orange

November 3, 2008

Our friend Victoria Leith aka the Little Guru was asked to appear on Channel 5 news back in July & Detox Your World armed her with some raw organic products to take along to the show. Victoria has now received footage of her interview – here she is enthusing about raw food alongside those famous orange bags!