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Christmas crackers

December 8, 2009

We have some great new snack products available, perfect for stocking fillers and Christmas nibbles. All are handmade, raw, vegan and organic.  We have Spicy Buckwheat Bites made with buckwheat, dates, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. There are two types of crackers included in the new range; Flax and Herb made with brown and golden flaxseeds, garlic and herbs and Flax Crackers Piquant, made with flaxseeds, tomatoes and chili. There are also two new sweet rolls available, Tangy Apple and Cinnamon and Zingy Lemon and Ginger rolls and two new crispbreads, Intensely Italian made with golden flaxseeds, buckwheat, carrots, sundried tomatoes, onion and garlic and Provencale, made with golden flaxseeds, buckwheat, carrots, sundried tomatoes and provencal herbs.  All of these new products are made with sprouted seeds for natural vitality — guaranteed to get you glowing brighter than Rudolph’s red nose!


New! Schizandra & the Gates of Mu

October 2, 2009

Schizandra & the Gates of MuWe now have Schizandra and the Gates of Mu by Laura Bruno in stock  – this is the world’s first raw cacao novel!

An ordinary Sedona school day turns cosmic when 13-year-old Schizandra faints. What prophets have whispered for millennia has finally come to pass. Schizandra Ginger Parker has crossed the veil, and now she holds the key to human evolution. But her visit to the underworld marks only half the journey. The galaxy itself depends on her awakening. Will Schizandra conquer her own mythic demons? Will strangers unite to save her so that she can save the world? Humanity has come this far before – many times – but fear has always stopped the transformation. Can Schizandra lead Earth back to Paradise? Readers will laugh, cry and shiver their way through Book One of the Schizandra series. Order your copy now!

Click here for Shazzie’s review of the book here.

Ecstatic Beings – pre-order now!

August 24, 2009

Ecstatic Beings - pre-order your copy now!On 9th September 2009 (999), Ecstatic Beings: 144,000 ways to eternal ecstatic bliss, is being published by Rawcreation Ltd. Pre-order it now to get your ecstatic copy first!

What happens when two mothers reroute their brains, do their homework and carve out a new world groove? Think of a big A4 (letter sized) hypercolour Jackie Annual coffee table book for grown ups and you may be half way to realising the full glory of the world’s first right-brained book.

Featuring…Reiki is for Rockstars, The Butterfly & The Ego, Urine for a Treat, Mahogany Monogamy Monotony Monopoly, The Shellsuit Liberation Front, Kundalini Yoga gave me Cheekbones, and so much more including poems, recipes, puzzles, quizzes, and cut-out & keeps.

Follow the adventures of Colin the pink Dolfish, Miss Magic, The Doxtor, Rootina, The Ego, Porn Pig, The Superfood Fairy, Corrylin, The Ecstasy Aunts and more as they struggle and strive to find Unity, who comes surprisingly in the shape of a small blue plastic inflatable unicorn. Life was always supposed to be this surreal, and that’s why Ecstatic Beings makes more sense than anything left in Ye Olde 3D Worlde.

Pre-order your copy today!