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Show us some love

December 10, 2011

You can now review Detox Your World products! Every product on the website has a new customer comments feature, enabling you to both read other people’s thoughts on the product and submit your own review.

Review our products!

We always love to receive your comments about our products and often feature customer testimonials in various places on the website as well as our Passion e-newsletter. So we hope you will love this new feature as much as we do.

The review section can be found at the very bottom of each product page — just scroll down until you see the stars!


I should coco

July 12, 2011

Dr Martins' Coco DrinkHiding inside every young green coconut is a fantastic resource — coconut water. It is rich in health-giving nutrients and is known as the ‘Fluid of Life’ thanks to its perfect mixture of electrolytes that balance the body’s natural fluid levels.

It can be extremely difficult to find an organic green coconut in the UK and so instead, we have Dr Martin’s Coco Drink. Dr Martin’s Coco Drink contains nothing but pure organic juice from young green coconuts (cocos nucifera) and is the next best thing to drinking fresh juice straight from the coconut.

As well as being incredibly refreshing, Coco Drink is an effective way to replenish fluids and salts lost during sporting activities and is much more effective than any heavily-marketed energy drink. Coconut water is an isotonic beverage and naturally contains potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium, which quickly help to rehydrate your body. This is especially beneficial during and after any physical activity — including performing on stage! One of the UK’s best-loved male bands regularly buys Coco Drink from Detox Your World for use on tour and to maintain their energy levels when performing. We wish we could name names but instead we’ll just take a moment to imagine them all drinking Coco Drink. With no shirts on.

Coco Drink is rich in essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins, especially vitamin C. It is free from cholesterol, lactose, milk-protein, preservatives and colourings. Coco Drink is beneficial for people suffering with lactose intolerance, especially children, as it is a versatile alternative to milk and contains calcium to help strengthen growing bones.

Dr Martins’ Coco Drink is suitable for people of any age group thanks to its organic composition and natural preservation process, ensuring it is free from bacteria. As Coco Drink contains nothing but 100% pure coconut juice, it is free from saturated fats and has a very low calorific value, the lowest of all natural juice drinks. It is also free from refined sugars and is low in carbohydrates. Coconut water contains large quantities of lauric acid, an important fat. The only other substance containing equal levels of lauric acid is breast milk.

The coconut juice found in Dr Martins’ Coco Drink comes from an organically certified plantation in Brazil that grows a specific species of dwarf coconut palm tree especially for Dr Martins’. The coconut trees are grown without synthetic fertilisers or chemical nasties.

The coconut palm, or cocos nucifera, can grow to heights of 100ft and is a common sight on tropical beaches. The plant was named by Spanish explorers, who thought the three indentations on the coconut resembled a monkey — the Spanish word coco means ‘monkey face’. Nucifera means nut-bearing. It is an incredibly versatile plant with the all parts of the coconut as well as the leaves being used in some way. In Sanskrit, the coconut palm is known as kalpa vriksha, which means ‘tree that gives all which is necessary for living’. It is estimated that approximately one third of the world’s population depends on the coconut palm for their food or income.

Coconut juice has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and is reported to have many health benefits. Coconuts also contain anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties however the main benefit of coconut water is its natural isotonic properties, quickly and effectively rehydrating the body and rebalancing electrolyte levels. It is naturally sterile and identical to human blood plasma and it is reported that in some parts of the Pacific during World War Two, coconut water was regularly used to give emergency transfusions to wounded soldiers. This is where it gained its named as the Fluid of Life.

As well as our world-famous customers, other celebrities have also discovered coconut water, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Courtney Cox and Demi Moore who are reported to enjoy it as a post-workout drink.

No Bull
To make your own energy drink without gallons of caffeine, sugar and junk, simply mix equal quantities of Dr Martins’ Coco Drink with fresh celery juice. Enjoy before, during and after any physical activity to naturally restore fluids and rebalance your electrolyte levels.

The Jason
For another variation, try mixing Coco Drink with freshly squeezed orange juice. Enjoy with or without your shirt on.

Christmas Passion out now!

December 2, 2009

Now in its third year, our quarterly Passion magazine is free to our UK customers, and free globally online. The Winter/Christmas 2009 issue is now available and is stuffed with competitions, recipes, articles, interviews and product reviews. The current issue features:

 – A raw Christmas feast with The Raw Chef Russell James 
 – Rebecca Moore’s musings
 – How Dickon Walker became well the natural way
 – Janey Lee Grace and how to make Midnight Carob cashew cookies (raw) in Vicky’s videos
 – Locavore living 
 – Laura Bruno’s interview on energy healing
 – Shazzie’s Annus Mirabilis (year of miracles)
 – A whole year of offers!
…and much more

Click here to read the online version right now!

New! Balls and bars

November 30, 2009

We have two new snacky products on the site – Fruit and Coconut Balls and Truly Juicy Apricot and Almond Bars. The Fruit and Coconut Balls are organic and sprouted to give you natural vitality. They contain raisins, coconut, dates and sunflower seeds.


The Truly Juicy bars are delicious raw organic food bars containing dates, apricots, brazil nuts, apples and almonds. Great for lunchboxes and healthy snacking on the go. They are also vegan, gluten-free and handmade. Both are available to order now!

Aςai powder and incan berries

November 13, 2009

Raw organic acai powder - now available!We now have aςai powder available! This raw organic purple powder is rich in antioxidants thanks to its deep purple skin. The powder comes from the aςai berry which in turn comes from the aςai palm tree in Brazil. Add it to smoothies, soups, raw crackers and other goodies to get your purple fix!

Raw organic Incan berries - now available!

We also have a new batch of lovely incan berries in – and these ones are organic! Incan berries are sweet with a lemon sherbet flavour to them and burst in your mouth. They come from South America and are also called Cape Gooseberries, agauaymanto berries or Goldenberries. Incan berries are a good source of vitamin P  and are rich in pectin.  They are high in phosphorous, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12. They are also extremely high in protein (16%) for a fruit. Try some today!

Jupiter Delphi water ioniser

November 12, 2009

Jupiter Delphi water ioniserThe Jupiter Delphi water ioniser is the most well designed and effective ioniser available on the market.  The Delphi sits neatly under the sink, while you have full control over your water quality via a touch of the tap mounted controls. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the future of drinking water dispensers – no home will want to be without one! Designed as an under sink unit, it has two components: a state of the art under sink ionising unit and an elegantly designed sink top tap. This leaves your counter top  clear for other useful kitchen equipment!

The Delphi uses new ‘mesh’ electrodes which effectively increases surface area and ionising power without the large voltages required to run larger plates. This technological advancement increases efficiency while protecting the electrode life. The plates are electro-plated platinum titanium, providing the highest level of conductivity and durability. The cutting edge design and proven durability of electro-plated platinum plating ensures you get the best ORP alteration and ioniser durability, year in, year out.

The Delphi is the only ioniser on the market with a digital display to show exactly what you are drinking and comes with a six year warranty.  Available to order now!


Ocean’s Alive

August 4, 2009

OceansAliveWe now have Ocean’s Alive marine phytoplankton in stock. This unique super-nutrient provides the body with an abundance of naturally produced vitamins, minerals and original life force. A team of  doctors, microbiologists and botanists spent many years researching 40,000 species of marine phytoplankton to determine the best species in each category to use for bio-fuel, aqua culture, exotic fish food and ultimately human consumption. Only four species of marine phytoplankton were found to be beneficial for human consumption and based on nutritional profiles, one species was super beneficial and was the single species chosen for production.

As a result of this extensive research, technologically advanced commercial facilities have now been developed and constructed to produce marine phytoplankton in large volumes using sophisticated bio-reactors. The bio-reactors consist of extensive glass tubing interconnected in a horizontal grid the size of a football field. A ‘Spring Bloom’ environment is created that allows natural photosynthesis to occur using sunlight to grow the marine phytoplankton bio-mass. The purified sea water solution in which the marine phytoplankton grows ensures that there are no other species contaminating the bio-mass. This method produces a pure super-concentrated nutrient.

Available to order now!

Completely crackers

July 8, 2009

Raw onion & vegan cheese breadWith all these new products this week, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d gone a bit crackers. And we have! Just added to the site are four delicious new crackers and breads: raw onion, basil & olive bread, raw fireflax crackers, raw supergreen crackers and raw onion & vegan cheese bread. Made by Dragonfly Wholefoods, these are delicious on their own, as an accompaniment to a salad, or enjoyed with guacomole, hemp butter or other fresh relishes.

Cereal thriller

July 8, 2009

Raw granolaIt’s a week of new products! We now have raw granola in stock, made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, dates, apple and cinnamon. Granola is the cereal of the future! Enjoy with hemp seed and almond mylk or as a snack straight from the bag. (F0141, priced £5.00).

Spread the word

July 7, 2009

Shazzie's Naked Chocolate Cacao & Almond SpreadOur latest product is the fantastic Shazzie’s Naked Chocolate cacao and almond spread! Made with raw organic cacao, almonds and Brazil nuts, it tastes truly indulgent. However there’s no need to get the guilties as it’s actually low in saturated fats, sodium and refined sugar. As well as being sweetened with agave nectar and therefore having a low GI, this spread is also free from added emulsifiers and palm fat. Thanks to the cacao, it’s rich in calcium and magnesium and is also high in selenium, courtesy of the Brazil nuts. Like all our other nut butters, our cacao & almond spread is made in the UK.

Spread some cacao love today!