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Continue your Passion…

April 30, 2010

Do you subscribe to Passion ezine?

Well, our Passion has become SO popular that our e-mailing system simply wasn’t able to handle it!  That being the case, we’ve decided to switch systems ~ moving to a bigger, more gorgeous one. 🙂

If you would LOVE to continue receiving Passion ezine, or Shazzie’s personal newsletter…we’d like to ask you to “opt-in” again by clicking on the link in the e-mail letter you received recently.  If you no longer have this e-mail (or, perhaps you don’t remember whether you clicked or not), you can use both links below to “opt-in” to these delightful subscriptions.

We hope that you will continue your Passion ezine subscription; and if you aren’t yet a subscriber, it would be lovely to have you join us! Check out the video below to learn more…

You can use these links to sign up, or if you’ve lost your e-mail:

Click here to sign up for Passion ezine ~

Click here to sign up for Shazzie’s newsletter ~

Be sure to check your e-mail box after signing up with these, as you’ll need to “click” on the link in the e-mail to confirm.  If you can’t find the e-mail, make sure it’s not in your spam folder (as that sometimes happens by mistake).

Thanks for your help ~ as we’d love to keep you with us, and we promise to be well worth your “click”  😉


We invented Passion

March 10, 2010

Our Passion wellbeing weekly ezine is delivered direct to your inbox and you can subscribe here.  It’s free and it’s made with love just for you!

Passion is evolving

January 21, 2010

Evolution is the key to survival and change should be embraced rather than feared. We know how important adaptation is in this fast-changing society and so are ecstatic to announce that our amazing quarterly Passion magazine, free to all our customers around the world, has evolved too. Continuing to be available to everyone everywhere, Passion will now be a weekly ezine, delivered directly to your inbox!

If you are already signed up to receive our free monthly newsletters, you don’t need to do a thing — the new Passion ezine will be with you this week. If you’re not yet signed up, click here and add yourself to the list!

The first issue of the new-style Passion will be going out very soon and we have an extra special treat for you to kick things off. BBC Radio 2’s very own holistic expert and author of Imperfectly Natural Woman, Janey Lee Grace, will be our first contributor! Janey is just one of our new Passion team of writers, all ready and willing to bring you their thoughts on raw food, nutrition, wellbeing, spirituality and lots more.

Meet the all new Team Passion:

Author of five books, Shazzie spreads the secrets that she’s uncovered to millions of people throughout the world. One of the world’s first and longest running bloggers, Shazzie’s infectious humour and love spills over into magazine columns, media interviews and events. Shazzie has created the life of her dreams and wants everyone else to do the same. And she says it all starts with the heart. (

Dale PinnockDale Pinnock BSc (Hons) MNIMH
Dale is the UK’s leading natural health innovator thanks to his unique prescriptive “medicinal cookery”, which tailors a menu to meet an individuals specific health needs. He is also hugely knowledgeable about nutrition, herbal medicine, phytonutrients and protectants. (

 Janey Lee GraceJaney Lee Grace
Janey is the co-host and dedicated holistic spokesperson for BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon, which attracts 6 million listeners every day. Her work on the Steve Wright show and her lifelong passion for eco living and alternative health inspired Janey to write her first book, Imperfectly Natural Woman, which topped the Amazon best-sellers chart. She has since written three more books; Imperfectly Natural Baby & Toddler, Imperfectly Natural Home and Imperfectly Natural Woman: The Pocket Book. Janey, who has four children, runs, sharing natural and holistic ideas.

Karla Supple
Karla is Detox Your World’s marketing manager who has a bit of a thing for words. She is the Detox Your World official Twitterer, blogger and Passion writer/co-ordinator. She will be waddling off to have her first baby in the spring.

Miss Eco GlamAnna Rodgers aka Miss Eco Glam
Miss Eco Glam is passionate about all things ethical and natural and regularly blogs about her journey to become healthier, happier and more aware of the earth. Having previously suffered with depression and negative thought patterns, she has now realised we all have the power to make our lives amazing. Anna is into raw food, organic sustainable clothing, fair-trade, animal welfare and environmental issues. She is also a qualified beauty therapist and part-time model. (

Rebecca MooreRebecca Moore
Rebecca is from another era though she hasn’t quite figured out which. She sometimes likes to rock and roll, sometimes wants to wear blue eye-shadow and leg warmers and sometimes she pops a plum in her mouth and says “One must”. And sometimes she laughs as though it’s a free country and other people stare at her, mouths agape. She’s just relieved she missed the witch trials. As a single, free-spirited soul who loves nothing more than whipping up a cauldron of raw cacao, her days would surely have been numbered.

Renata AshRenata Ash
After a long period of personal struggle, Renata discovered her true spiritual direction. After a tragedy, Renata and her husband Steven created the Rainbow Essences®, a unique set of flower and crystal essences created to help others overcome challenges. Renata has studied various types of therapeutic body work and has spent the last fifteen years focusing on energy medicine. (

Star KhecharaStar Khechara
Star is a beauty naturopath and holistic nutritionist specialising in rejuvenation and organic skincare. Star is the author of The Holistic Beauty Book and also runs Blossom to empower women to become the healthy, beautiful and vibrant beings they deserve to be.

Victoria LeithVictoria Leith
Victoria’s favourite job of all time is being a mama to her daughter Maya. She is also a teacher, writer, author, musician, body-percussionist and runs her own website, Fresh & Live Mama, which is all about positive health, wellbeing and loving life. She recently launched a quirky video series where she demonstrates her favourite raw recipes and is in the midst of writing a recipe book for other fresh and live mamas (and dadas!)

So sign up here and get wellbeing, love and bliss delivered to your inbox every week!

Christmas Passion out now!

December 2, 2009

Now in its third year, our quarterly Passion magazine is free to our UK customers, and free globally online. The Winter/Christmas 2009 issue is now available and is stuffed with competitions, recipes, articles, interviews and product reviews. The current issue features:

 – A raw Christmas feast with The Raw Chef Russell James 
 – Rebecca Moore’s musings
 – How Dickon Walker became well the natural way
 – Janey Lee Grace and how to make Midnight Carob cashew cookies (raw) in Vicky’s videos
 – Locavore living 
 – Laura Bruno’s interview on energy healing
 – Shazzie’s Annus Mirabilis (year of miracles)
 – A whole year of offers!
…and much more

Click here to read the online version right now!

New Autumn Passion

October 21, 2009

The Autumn issue of A little bit of Passion, our free quarterly emagazine, is now available! Filled with news, interviews and our latest products, this issue features an ecstatic interview with Shazzie and Kate, Jason Vale gets V-toxed by Victoria Leith and we have an extra special swine flu article with exclusive advice from our favourite health gurus, including Dr Mercola, Mike Adams, Janey Lee Grace and more. Download it today!

Autumn ePassion

Note: we’re having a little technical glitch with the videos on page six. We’ve got our best techies tinkering with it and we’re sure the videos will be working again soon. In the meantime, you can watch The V-tox with Jason Vale on our very own YouTube channel:

ePassion is here!

July 1, 2009

Summer 2009 Passion out nowThe first digital edition of Passion is here!  We wanted to make our popular quarterly magazine available to all our customers around the world and we were also conscious of the environmental impact of producing a printed document. So we decided to make Passion and A little bit of Passion into e-magazines.

The software we use enables you to flip easily between pages, zoom in to get a closer look at our latest products, then click through to the website to learn more and pop the products you love into your basket. As well as reading our fantastic new features and interviews, you can also watch video clips of Shazzie talking about superfoods, email us directly if you want to ask a question and download a PDF copy of the magazine for later.

The Summer 2009 issue of A little bit of Passion is available now – enjoy!

Passion is changing…

June 9, 2009

passion_spr_09Everyone loves our quarterly Passion magazines and we know you’ll love this news. Passion is going green, global and virtual! 

Our free glossy magazine was launched in 2007 and has become massively popular with our customers. Many people save the issues or pass their copies on to spread the word about the benefits of raw food and holistic living. Passion is released quarterly; the Spring, Summer and Autumn issues (known as A little bit of Passion) are 20 page mini-mags packed with new products, company news, inspiring features and interviews with leading health and wellbeing figures. The Winter issue is released in time for Christmas and is a bumper 38 page A4 issue. It’s filled with the same mix of news, articles and interviews, as well as raw recipes and 12 months of exclusive offers for our existing customers, one for every month for the coming year.

Passion has previously been mailed directly to Detox Your World customers but was restricted to UK customers only due to high postage costs. However we have received many many requests for Passion to be available to our overseas customers, especially those in the USA, Scandinavia and mainland Europe. Now, due to new software developments, everyone around the world will be able to read and enjoy Passion!

Although the magazine was printed using vegetable-based inks and chemical-free plate-making technology, we were fully aware of the environmental impact of producing a paper document. With this in mind, we will no longer be printing the magazine – Passion will become an e-magazine!

The new style Passion will be a dynamic, user-friendly virtual magazine, available to view online or download and print as a PDF. The technology used will allow readers to flip the pages over, watch video clips and click on featured products and go to them directly in the online shop at

The first digital issue of Passion will be the Summer 2009 issue, released late June.

Spring Passion winner

May 14, 2009

We ran a competiton in the Spring issue of A little bit of Passion to win a springtox hamper, packed with goodies including Detox Your World, Detox Delights, Himalayan pink bathing salt, maca, hemp protein powder and an enema kit. The winner was Pat Greslow from Merseyside – congratulations Pat!

Springtox delights

April 21, 2009

springtox_hamper1Thank you for all your entries into our Spring Passion competition to win a Springtox hamper! We had a massive amount of entries and the winner will be announced on this blog and also in the May e-newsletter.  If you would like to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, sign up here!

HPV vaccine news

April 7, 2009

The Christmas issue of Passion featured an article about the new HPV vaccination programme. From Autumn 2008, all 12-13 year old girls in England have been offered the HPV vaccine in a bid to fight cervical cancer.  A catch-up programme began earlier this year to target girls up to 18 years of age. The introduction of the vaccine was controversial as it does not protect against all forms of HPV and as HPV is symptom-free, regular cervical screening is still essential. It was also unclear how safe the vaccine, Cervarix, was and how thoroughly it had been tested before being launched across the UK. 

This week, several girls have been featured in the press having fallen ill soon after being vaccinated with Cervarix. A recent report from the MHRA showed that out of the 700,000 girls vaccinated in 2008, over 1,300 girls had officially reported an adverse reaction. These reactions include fainting, black outs, dizziness, convulsions, exhaustion, aching joints, sore arms, nausea, sight problems and numbness in the limbs.