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Rainbow Medicine Circle events

March 15, 2010

Rainbow Medicine Circle are holding two events, the Golden Light Project 2 and Activating the DNA of Love. The Golden Light Project 2 begins on 15th March and is a global event to bring the power of the Golden Light into our lives and the planet. Click here for more information.


Golden Light Project

February 5, 2010

The Golden Light Project, organised by Rainbow Medicine Circle, is a 13 day global collective effort to bring more light onto this planet. Beginning on 1st February (the ancient light festival of Imbolc) and ending on 14th February (World Sound Healing Day), the project is designed to bring people together all over the world. On 14th February, Rainbow Medicine Circle will also be holding a Golden Light and Sound Healing Day to coincide with World Sound Healing Day. Click here for more details.

Shazzie’s 40th birthday bonanza – Renata Ash giveaway

February 18, 2009
Renata Ash

Renata Ash

Renata Ash created Rainbow Essences, which are welcomed by many the world over. Her gift as part of Shazzie’s birthday offers were three Love gift sets which include the Love Essence and beautiful rose quartz crystals together with a little message about the love in everyone’s heart. The winners of these gift sets are:

“I can’t get enough love…because i am greedy! i love love! i love being IN love, i love being NEAR love, i LOVE LOVE, i AM LOVE, i LOVE 2 LOVE, i LOVE BEING LOVED, i very simply, ( and stop me if i’ve said this before), LOVE LOVE!!” – Xenia

“I can’t get enough love…because it’s time for us all to open our hearts a little more, to embrace each other and ourselves. I recently moved to Maui which is a phenomenal place to express love – it is the heart chakra of the islands!” – Jennifer Androes

“I just can’t get enough love because my heart is taking me over!!!” – Michael Henry

Rainbow Essences

January 23, 2009

Rainbow Essences

Renata Ash is a qualified therapist, healer and coach who specialises in energy medicine and the activation of a person’s own healing power. She is trained in clinical aromatherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, EMF balancing technique, biodynamic approaches to psychotherapy, PSYCH-K and various forms of energy medicine.
Renata developed Rainbow Essences, a magical set of flower and mineral essences specifically designed to help people release their resistance to change and move through life’s challenges with more grace and ease. Renata and her husband Steven, an acupuncturist and healer, founded Rainbow Medicine Circle, a community committed to personal and global peace through compassion and respect.

Renata and Steven are holding a 3 day PSYCH-K event with Lars Steinberg, an experience PSYCH-K trainer. PSYCH-K facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind, increases communication between the left and right brain hemispheres and induces a ‘whole brain’ state which reduces resistance to change, especially useful when manifesting goals and dreams.

The event takes place from 13-15 March in Angmering, West Sussex. To reserve your place, please email or call 01903 787512.