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Weight Loss Detox Yoga Retreat

November 25, 2009

Sandra Hillawi is organising a weight loss yoga retreat in January 2010. This healing retreat is ideal for anyone wanting some help and support with improving their health. The programme will include:

» 100% Raw Foods and Juices
» Get Healthy and Drop Excess Pounds
» Daily Yoga and Meditation
» Exercise Mind Body and Spirit
» Healing Workshops
» Release Stress and Burdens
» Build Your Confidence
» Banish Cravings and Bad Habits
» Create A New Healthy You
» Beautiful Small Hotel with Pool and Private Beach
» Egyptian Adventures
» Stay 1 to 3 weeks
» Average weight loss 6 to 14 lbs

The retreat takes place at the Sinai Peninsula, by the Red Sea on 2 January 2010.


The RevitaLive Plan

March 4, 2009
The RevitaLive Plan

The RevitaLive Plan

Angela Stokes has launched a new 30 day raw food weight loss programme – The RevitaLive Plan. The plan has already had great feedback & results (eg one lady who has released 5lbs in her first 3 days)!

All this week, anyone signing up to the plan will receive special bonuses on top of the regular programme materials.

RevitaLive is an ongoing plan which people can join at any time. It includes a daily video, meal plans & recipes for 4 weeks, an active support forum, an exercise manual, a one hour recorded interview with Angela plus a Q&A session – it costs $67 to join (£47) and allows you access to all the information used by Angela when she famously released 160lbs and kept it off.

Click here for more information and to join the programme!

An almond a day

October 27, 2008

According to new research from the University of Toronto, almonds can help lower LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries due to a build-up of fatty deposits). This research claims almonds can be as effective as the use of a statin drug.

Raw organic white almond butter

Raw organic white almond butter

15g almonds provides 50% of our daily intake of Vitamin B6 & almost three quarters of our RDA od Vitamin E.  And according to research by King’s College in London, the fibre structure of almonds may help block the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, which could help with weight control.

Almonds should be eaten raw and unsalted in order to preserve their fibre content & essential nutrients. Try some of Detox Your World’s raw organic white almond butter for an easy way to get more almonds into your life!

Teaching the doctors

October 24, 2008

Philip McClusky of Loving Raw recently appeared on US TV show The Doctors to sing the praises of raw food & show how he lost nearly 200lbs by switching to a raw vegan diet:

Get enlightened with the 30 Day Body Enlightenment System

October 21, 2008


30 Day Body Enlightenment System - join now!
30 Day Body Enlightenment System – join now!

When Angela Stokes & the Raw Divas get together, you know something good is going to happen! Between them, they have created the Body Enlightenment System, designed to help you finally get off the emotional-eating roller coaster by following their 30 day raw food system. The programme is designed to release excess weight and help you regain control of your eating habits.

Angela once weighed almost 300lbs & had emotionally shut down. She struggled with illness and low energy and her confidence had never been lower. Then she discovered raw food! Angela lost all her excess weight, gained masses of confidence and turned her health around. 

The Body Enlightenment System (BES) reveals the secrets of Angela’s success and will allow you to benefit from the very best of her knowledge and experience. The system also comes with a lifetime membership, money-back guarantee and more support than you can shake a stick at.

The BES was created by Tera Warner, one of the amazing Raw Divas. She has extensively studied human behaviour, communication, personal development & emotional support coaching, along with her passion for raw foods & sustainable living. 

By joining the BES, you will receive access to the BES community forum, daily email coaching, your very own Body Enlightenment Buddy, a fitness programme & a menu planner.

If you think the 30 Day Body Enlightenment System is for you, sign up now! Registration for this event closes on 25th October so you’ll need to be quick to reserve your place.